Do you use supermarket coupons to get free groceries? If you don't you are missing out on one of the biggest free give-aways of all time. Free grocery products are available every week, week in and week out. I know most of us have the misconception that we are not going to be able to save enough money to make clipping coupons worth our time. After all, a few cents here and there would not be worth the time would it? Believing the common misconception that grocery coupons are not worth your time is more than likely costing your family an extra thousand dollars or more in food expenses every calendar year. That is a lot of money to spend when you don't need to.

How to Get Free Food with Grocery Coupons

The strategy is simple. Collect yourself a massive amount of grocery coupons, with multiple coupons for the same offer. Make certain that your coupons have high face values, a dollar or more is preferable. Watch the food circulars for sale items marked down at least 35%, or offered on a buy-one-get-one-free sale, and purchase your products. This is the basic strategy, and when utilized correctly, you will find that your items end up either free or less than 25% of the full shelf price.

So much for the basics, now here are the rest of the get free groceries with food discount coupons strategy. There are two more things you absolutely must do to with your supermarket coupons in order to get your items free. The first is to use your grocery coupons either at a double coupon store, or a store offering a triple grocery coupon day. Max your savings with letting the grocer match the manufacturer discount. The second is to buy multiple items when the item is free. Most grocery chains will let you redeem 2 or 3 like offers at the same time. When you find a freebie, go for it. The grocery super shoppers know how to maximize their savings and use the buy multiple like items strategy to the max. If one free item is good, 3 is better. Some even make multiple trips during a sale week redeeming 3 coupons on each shopping trip to stuff their pantry with free products. Free is worth finding storage space for.

Now you know how to use supermarket coupons to get free food? The process really is that easy. All it takes is a wad of grocery coupons at your disposal, a little preplanning, and a really large pantry.