This article deals with how to use Telus to send text message & receive in the easiest way possible. Telus provides text messaging on a per message pricing basis or per month text messaging plans with discounts for certain plans but setting up your phone to send text message and receive can vary as to the type of phone you have. The following is intended to assist you in sending a text message with Telus as well as how to receive

Use Telus to Send Text Message

Things You Will Need

A Telus PCS phone in which you want to use for telus sms or telus messaging.
Also if you have a different brand phone and have a desire to send a text message to telus phones.

Step 1

You should check to be sure your model of phone is enabled to receive text messaging with Telus. Telus mobility provides a phone page, which will list all the models and their capabilities as well as how to send and receive a mobile to mobile text message with that phone.

Step 2

If you are still not sure you are set up to receive a text message with Telus then go to , which is an online form that will send a message to any Telus number. Enter your 10 digit mobile phone number and your message to yourself. You should receive the message soon after on your mobile phone. If you do not then you should contact Telus customer care to have this feature enabled.

Step 3

You may also send text messages with Telus by emailing with your message to the receiver. This can be a very convenient way to send short messages from your email address to a mobile number in the Telus network without using the online form.

Step 4

The ability to send a text message with Telus to a land line is a feature that is relatively new and overcomes at least one big issue with sending text messages to non-text enabled devices. Your text message is converted into an audio message and delivered to the recipient. You can also receive text message replies with this method where their voice reply is converted to an audio message.

Step 5

When sending a text message through Telus to an international number you will also need to include the three digit international call prefix that is provided on the Telus support page. Array

Tips & Warnings

When you send a text message to any Telus or any carrier make the message as brief as possible, because the receiver will be limited to no more than 150 characters per message and the message may be cut-off in mid word.