Topical flea drops provide fantastic flea control for cats and dogs providing they are used correctly. Here are a few basic rules to ensure you get the most from any topical dog or cat flea treatment.

Firstly make sure you have the right flea treatment for the right pet. Each product comes in different doses for different sizes of cats and dogs. Using a 'small dog' dose on a large dog will mean your pet is not fully protected from fleas and ticks. Doing the reverse means exposing your small dog to more chemicals than he or she needs. Using a dog flea treatment on a cat can be dangerous as some contain chemicals which are perfectly safe for canines but very toxic to felines.

Secondly, relax! Take time to relax your pet or you can guarantee they'll make a run for it right at the crucial moment!

Thirdly part the hair between the shoulder blades to expose a good patch of skin. Empty the flea drops directly onto the skin, not the fur. If there is too much liquid for the amount of skin you can see, use a little and wait for it to soak in before applying the rest.

Finally, you are done. But, keep your pet close for half an hour or so to ensure they do not rub or lick off those flea drops. Try not to handle them too much for the next few hours as you want all that flea killing power to stay on their skin, not be transferred to yours. If your pet does lick some of the dog or cat flea treatment do not panic. Most pets show no reaction to such non-ideal behavior. But do keep an eye on them just in case they have an allergy to any of the ingredients.

Just make a note in your diary so you can go through the whole thing again next month. In the meantime enjoy your flea free time. Click on the link to find out how the two leading brands of topical cat flea treatment (Frontline and Advantage) compare. Or if it all sounds like too much bother there are other plenty of other options for your dog and cat flea treatment.