Get Your Own Assistant

The internet has opened doors to many of us that no one thought possible.  With all of the new technology available at our finger tips it is hard to fathom what isn't possible as opposed to what is.  Using virtual assistants is a way to make life more efficient.  They can be used in either a personal or business capacity and literally work while you are sleeping.  Many people are currently using VA's to carry out tasks from writing articles to programming android applications.  They will work part time, full time, by project, per hour, or almost any arrangement you can think of.  

You may be asking yourself why you need a virtual assistant.  Let's take a closer look at what makes these individuals so incredibly valuable.  Time is money as the saying goes, and virtual assistants can give you way more of it.  Tired of paying bills and reading your email?  Your virtual assistant will take care of both tasks for you quickly and efficiently leaving more time for you to do what is most important to you. A VA can also schedule your entire life for you, make travel arrangements, and send flowers to your mother on her birthday.  These are only a few things virtual assistants are capable of.  In essence with virtual assistants, you can outsource the parts of your life you no longer wish to handle.  

In a business sense virtual assistants are invaluable.  Many businesses only need temporary help for short periods of time that are either seasonal or fluctuating basis. Hiring a permanent position can be expensive in both time and money to train and the cost of additional benefits. If a company needs someone to do simple data entry a few hours a week, a virtual assistant is a perfect solution.  Another company may need to create a few additional pages of content to round out their website; a virtual assistant can handle his as well. 

The concept of an assistant isn't new, but going virtual with it is.  It creates the possibility that someone 5,000 miles away can do the same work as someone 5 feet away.  It eliminates the barriers of time and distance.  In theory, a business could use a virtual assistant in varying time zones to allow regular working hours in different countries to equal 24 hours a day round the clock work.  This is how many call centers offer 24-7 service without making people work at 4 in the morning local time.  Overseas VA's have made this service much more affordable and with English being spoken predominately all over the world the language barrier isn't what it used to be.