While 3/4 of Americans typically are diagnosed as having gum disease; it is commonly a lack of dental hygiene and a few minutes a day that can save them hundreds and thousands of dollars in the long run. Your biggest weapon in the fight against gum disease is flossing.  When you do not floss, bacteria will build up in your mouth over time, leading to gum disease.  Besides the fear of one day losing your teeth, people who have periodontal disease are two times as likely to have the presence of heart disease.  You should at a minimum be flossing at least one time per day if not more.  Generally you should floss before your brush to remove bacteria and plaque from the crevices of your teeth.  Bloody gums is a sign of disease and you must do something before you end up in the dentist with bigger problems than just your bad breath and tooth loss.


Flossing Doesn't Have to Suck!

So the truth is nobody wants to take the time to learn how to floss or even just do it.  You can have the excuse that it gets caught in your braces, your kids are too young to learn, or your arthritis in your fingers prevent you from flossing.  Now they have this maching in which they call a Waterpik.  It is definitely a fun way to floss your teeth and is considered more effective than your regular dental floss.  The Waterpik is considered to be 2 times more effective to improve your gum health and reverse gingivitis with daily use than would regular string floss.  You can buy waterpiks from at different prices but generally it can range anywhere from 35 dollars to 80 dollars dependent on the brand or if you want cordless or not.  While the outside of our teeth seem like the most important to clean because we have to show that part, it really is in between our teeth that we should be concerned about.


How to Use Waterpik Waterflosser

The use of a waterpik is quite simple and it just takes roughly 2 minutes of your day.  I have found using it much more enjoyable than dental floss.  Here are steps to using the Waterpik WaterFlosser than I currently own.

1.) You are going to want to fill the water reservoir with luke warm water to start.  I would suggest filling it to the top so hopefully you do not have to refill it.  You want to steer clear of the cold water especially if you have sensitive teeth.

2.) Keep your finger on the pause button and then press the ON switch of the waterpik.

3.) There are 10 different settings that adjust the speed of the water on the waterpik.  I would start off slow and find a good setting where your gums are strong enough to hold.  You don't want to bleed a lot but if you bleed a little bit that is okay.  Your gums need to be massaged and the waterpik will do that for you

4.)  After finding a good speed for your waterpik, you will want to close your lips slightly and tilt your head forward so you can spit the water into the sink.  You definitely don't want water deflecting into your mirror or all over your floor.

5.) Trace your gum line with the waterpik slowly stopping in between each tooth for three seconds.  You will want to trace on the top and bottom.  You can also trace your gum line on the inside of your mouth to hit both sides of your teeth.

6.) After your done with the waterpik, BRUSH YOUR TEETH!


Waterpik Waterflosser 6 Tips

1.) Classic jet Tip - Used for General Use to create healthier gums

2.) Toothbrush Tip - General Use and able to brush your teeth and waterpik at the same time

3.)Plaque Seeker Tip - Good if you have bridges, crowns, implants

4.) Orthodontic Tip - good for those who have braces

5.) Pik Pocket Tip - best for furcations and peridontal pockets

6.) Tongue Cleaner - did you know most of your bad breath is from bacteria on your tongue?  Remove it with this!