How to Use Windows 7 Voice Recognition Software

If you had never used a speech recognition program the Windows 7 speech recognition program is an option that might work for you.  For people that have trouble with typing or are not a fast typist this program can be ideal since it is free with Windows 7.  I have used this speech recognition program and found that it works quite well for me.  You need to spend some time with the tutorial to get the most out of this speech recognition program.  

You should also make sure that you have the proper microphone headset set up with your computer or laptop.  I have found that the built in microphone on my laptop seems to work well for me but you may have different results.  It is best to experiment and see which way you want to work with this program.

Starting the Software

To start the Windows 7 speech recognition program for the first time open the control panel in Windows 7 and select ease of access followed by start speech recognition.  From here you can set up your microphone to work with this program.  You can also take the tutorial and learn more about how to use this software.  There is also an option to train the program to better understand you.  You should do this a few times before you start to work with this software in Wordpad or other Windows word processing programs.  This will make it easier to dictate your document to the computer without a bunch of mistakes which will just cause frustration on your part.  It can take some time before this program understands your voice properly.  It's also a good idea to pin the program to your taskbar so it is available whenever you want to use it.

Start Options

You have several options when start the program. You can have it launch at the start of Windows if you plan to use it all the time.  Select advanced speech options from the control panel and then user settings.  Click on run speech recognition at startup to have the program launch when you start your computer.  The program stays at the top of your screen and won't get in the way when you're working on your document.

Speaking Tips and Training

With this program you should speak in a very clear voice and slowly when you are training the computer to understand your voice.  Don't rush your way through your dictation session because the speech recognition program will make far too many mistakes.  The more you use this program the easier it will be to create a full document with Windows 7 speech recognition. There's a handy printout of common commands that will make it easier for you when dictating your first documents.  The tutorial goes through many of these commands so it's your advantage to complete the tutorial before dictating your first documents.  You can of course start the program without taking the tutorial but the software will start to learn the sound of your voice the moment you begin the tutorial.  By the time you finish the training the computer program will understand you better.

Final Thoughts

I have found this voice recognition software works quite well for what I want it to do for me. Just train the program several times and it should complete any dictation task that you have. Remember that you need to speak very clearly and slowly when you dictate your first several documents. This software needs the time to learn how you speak.  It will keep learning the more you use it. This speech recognition software may not have all the features of some other programs but it is free and it does a decent job of recognizing your voice.