Want to create your own shows from home without a bunch of fancy equipment? Well now you can by using windows podcasting to create the solution for you. Lets go through everything that you need to get the job done. Windows is the universal operating system for PC computers.

Pretty much everyone uses this platform, except of course unless you are a Mac user. You are probably running your computer with either Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, ME or 2000.

Podcasting is a new and fresh approach for web publishers to deliver audio content for download to the masses.

People can download the content to their iPod or mp3 player and listen to it when ever and where ever they want.

There are many reasons for wanting to learn how to make a podcast ranging from an online marketer who wants to promote his products to a webmaster wanting to bring in new traffic. There are also some people who make a podcast just for the sake of sharing their passions with the world.

If you also want to share your message with the world, then podcasting is a great option. It is replacing most other forms of online communication and will soon become much more mainstream.

Hop in now while it is still young before it explodes. How to make a podcast using windows Lets look at how we can use windows to make a podcast.

These two go together quite well and the only hardware required to get started is a microphone. Thankfully, windows makes it quite easy for us to create a podcast for distribution.

Windows podcasting does not need any additional software than what came preinstalled on your computer when you bought it. Sure, you could get more programs to enhance your experience, but they are not required.

Use the following windows programs to make your podcast:

* Windows Sound Recorder - this will allow you to record your voice as you speak on the microphone.

* Windows Media Player - this will allow you to check out the episode you have made to hear if everything is in order.

* Windows Front Page - this will allow you to upload your podcast to your own web server, ready for download. There are, of course, some third party utilities which have been developed to further ensure the best audio product possible.

Nonetheless, the usage of such would be a matter of preference, as Windows podcasting is perfectly possible through the programs that come with your operating system.

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