Do you write for Infobarrel but find that you get writer's block from time to time?  Follow internet marketing trends with Yahoo! Answers.  Internet users of various ages and interests all write in here, because Yahoo! has a variety of services.  Anyone with an Email account with them can ask a question without setting up a new profile. You can use others' questions on Yahoo! Answers to get ideas about the next hot internet trend and if you can write step by step instructions as a solution to a popular question, you’ll have a new how-to article in no time!

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You’ll Need:
•    Internet connection How to Write an Autobiography EssayCredit: Amberdawn 2011

Step 1
Go to Yahoo! Answer's website to look for the newest internet trend. Sites like Yahoo are useful tools for anyone interested in internet marketing trends.  The questions asked here are current internet trends, so you can focus your ideas on what to write about!  Just click “answer” to read through questions to find the latest internet trend.

Step 2
Choose a question from Yahoo! Answers that you have experience with, or knowledge about. Make it is a question that you can answer in at least 350 words. Write a detailed, thoughtful article with step by step directions that follow a logical, sequential, and easy to follow order. Proofread your work to help make sure it is a quality article that addresses this internet trend.

Step 3
Avoid posting links on Yahoo! Answers.  Be advised that they suspended my account. I did not write anything illegal, harmful, hateful or hurtful on the site. I did not post anything off-topic. I simply posted an answer to popular "askers'" questions that I determined was a hot internet trend, along with a link to an article I wrote on a freelance site with more in depth directions. Yahoo! Answers has not told me specifically why I was suspended although I Emailed them twice. 

Step 4
Take pride in knowing that although Yahoo! Answers can suspend your account, they can not take your Infobarrel articles away from you. AND you can continue to get ideas for articles to write based on their reader's questions. You CAN continue to help those seeking information online. Hooray!  Good luck using this site to find internet marketing trends!

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