I don't have a photocopier in my home, but it seems like I have always needed one.

I've always used my computer for this task...but.. running my scanner program, setting options, saving to a file, then printing is just too much hassle for everyday photocopying tasks. At least I thought so.

This article will show you how to set up your computer, scanner, and printer to be used to make photocopies almost as easily as 'punching the button' on a office copier.

Things You Will Need




Internet Connection

Step 1

DownloadDownload the great freeware program iCarbon from the internet. Snapfiles is a great download spot. iCarbon

Step 2

SetupInstall the program, run it and set a few preferences as you like them. There's not much to do, pick a printer and scanner, set the number of copies and quality, etc.

Step 3

Laser PrinterLoad a document in your scanner and push the BIG BLUE button. That's it. There should be a copy of your original document printing!

Tips & Warnings

You can install this program multple times and direct it to different printers. Try making a couple more big blue buttons to print to PDF or even to FAX!