There are two certainties in life: death and taxes. Many people fear death, but why? In most cases, it is because they feel that when they die, they will not have accomplished what they wished to accomplish during their time living on Earth. They did not “Get their business done.” They think they could have done something more. Why is it that we don’t do what we think we should have?

Do We Have the Time to “Get our Business Done”?

       The average American spends 9 straight years of their life watching the television, and 7 on the internet, both of these numbers rapidly increasing. Assuming that T.V holds no value, and 57% (4 years) of time on the internet does not provide value, the average American is straight up wasting 14 years (almost one fifth)  of their life.

       What else could we be doing during this time? Things that matter. Expanding our knowledge, spending time with family, learning about God, helping the needy, the possibilities are endless. The bottom line is that we Americans have the time we need to complete our goals; we just make excuses to get out of completing them.

Why do We Make Excuses?

       Excuses are the bane to productivity. It is often easier to do something such as browse the internet researching people who did something rather than do something yourself.

       At the core of making excuses is laziness. I myself am a swimmer, and every morning I have to get up at 6:30 to go swim. I swim for 2 hours, and go home afterward. One day, my coach gave me some extremely good advice. He said that in an hour, I would be at home with my bum on the couch watching T.V.  I should work hard now, because in a few hours, regardless of how hard I worked, I would end up in the same place. The difference is how I felt. Was I glad that I worked hard to get better, though I was tired, or was I guilty that I didn’t try as hard as I should have at practice.

        This concept works in life. Will you try hard to be the best person you can be, or will you be the scumbag who wastes his time living his excuse of a life? The decision is ultimately yours.

What is your “Business”?

        This is a difficult question for anyone and everyone who asks it. What is your purpose in life? The answer is different depending on who you are. 99% of people’s goal will be to make a difference in some way. People want to leave a positive legacy. The difference kicks in with how people make differences.

        85% of the world being affiliated with a religion, many people have the goal to “spread the word,” creating more believers of their religion. This may mean going downtown and talking to homeless people, or traversing to Africa to speak to natives of Hooby Dooby town in the State of Chooby (I really hope you noticed those were fake names).

       Another common goal is to help the poor. These people should give up as much as they can (money, time, material objects, abstract objects) to the less fortunate. They believe in being nice, as well as equality.

       The bottom line is that death should inspire your life. When you die, you do not want to have done nothing with your life and wasted the resources it took to keep you alive. You want to have made a difference. At the end of your life, do you want to be the person who says, “I did the best I could,” or will you be the one who says, “I could have done better?” The choice is yours, yet obvious. I challenge you to make something of your life, and not die a nobody.