Gloves for your iPhone

I owned a touch screen phone for years before finally making the jump to a Blackberry, so I understand the difficulties associated with touch screen phones like the iPhone. I had two major issues with touch screen phones. The first was when trying to drive and dial, the lack of buttons made it nearly impossible to dial without looking at the phone, which resulted in me staring at the phone screen to find the right button instead of looking at the road (Pretty dangerous).

My other major issue was trying to type when I was wearing gloves. I live in Canada, so this might not be a concern if you live somewhere like California, but for us Eskimos in training up North, wearing gloves is often a necessity and wearing gloves while using a touch screen are two things that don't go hand in hand. Luckily, the iPhone has created such a massive industry that people have actually now created gloves specifically for using a touch screen device.

Exhibit A: Flippy Fingers Aka Stretch Gloves

These gloves look like somebody snipped the bottom half of the finger open so they can unleash their fingers on their nose, I mean iPhone. I'm sure they are great for somebody who just needs to wear a pair of gloves to work, but for your average snowboarder or skier, one bail and your gloves are going to be packed full of snow.

Stretch Gloves iPhone

Exhibit B: The Dot Gloves

The second pair of gloves might actually be useful. Instead of giving you direct finger access to your iPhone or boogers, these gloves have cute little 'dots' on the index and thumb finger tip giving you the ability to use your iPhone as if your hands weren't trapped in a pair of claustrophobic gloves. The best part is, they offer only two models, so you won't waste time debating on which pair to get. The knit model is $15, while the wool ones are $20. These gloves are the perfect cheap gift for your loved ones with iPhones this year.
Dot Gloves Iphone Gloves

You can get the Dot Gloves Here