ow to Use a Cat Carrier and Stay in Possession of Your Arms

So you just inherited a cat and you are planning to take the little leopard to the Vet to get all the required shots and naturally you need a cat carrier, a pet crate. When I first faced this situation, I gave my leopard a sumptuous meal of howling mix, and went to sleep. My leopard ate a full can of howling mix. I slept well and woke refreshed, looking forward to my first trip to the vet.

For years, I had been a dog person and I must make it clear that this was my first cat, ever. So, the first thing I did was to replenish my leopard and to supply her with another full can of Howling Mix. After she was full, I picked her up and started to slip her into the little door on the front of the pet crate, but she would not go. I tried putting her in the side door and she was even more resistant. And the more I insisted, the more she desisted. How was I going to get my leopard to take a trip the vet? Perhaps I didn't mention it, but this was no small Kitty; this was a CAT...I wasn't clear on the breed, but I think my friend who gave me the cat said she was a serbil. She must have weighed over sixty pounds. I recalled that someone had claimed to wrap their cat in a towel so the cat would not claw them. But they must have been talking about a kitty because when I tried this, Miss Leopard nearly dissected my arms. I had to find a different tactic. So I learned my first rule of cat control. Don't wrap the cat.

Don't Wrap the Cat; Let the Cat Carrier work its Magic

I had to retrace my steps; I had to think like a cat. There should be no struggle in this. There must be a way to put a cat in a cat carrier. AHA! Perhaps the wrong word was "put" Perhaps there was a way to allow the cat to be drawn to the pet carrier. So I began to look at the pet crate from the point of view of the cat carrier. The first rule was to take advantage of the cat's native curiosity. When I looked at the pet crate, from the point of view of the cat, I was struck by how curious I became. I was intent on exploring it, even getting inside of it. I want to know every aspect of this extra room sitting in my living room. What could it be for? I would investigate. So I walked around it and smelled it in various places and finally I climbed inside it. In fact, I can put some clothes in here. My human left out this robe and it will fit very nicely inside my new room. It will make a nice rug.

So curiosity could be a motivator for the cat getting in the new room, but what if you are up and ready to go and you just can't figure out how to get the cat to voluntarily getting back in the room. Then you remember that the cat has not yet eaten and so you open a new can of Howl and place it inside the cat carrier: Do not feed your cat the night before going to the vet. Feed your cat the next morning, but feed her by placing her food in the cat carrier.

Be kind: Supply the cat with toys for the cat carrier.

Some cat carriers are equipped with a stabilized bowl for food and one for water. Be sure to arrange this while your cat is sleeping and this will be there to greet him when he comes to inspect. Also, find old blankets that the cat likes and place them in the cat carrier. Once the cat enters the pet carrier, tou can simply zip the cat in. On the way to the vet, speak kindly to your pet and play her favorite music.Make sure you take any required paperwork on your pet and a leash..just for safety in case your cat gets free in the vet waiting room. Try to be consistent and try using the same vet each time. This consistency will pay off. Cats love consistency and it gives them a sense of security. When you finish with the vet remember too that playing the cat's favorite music is very soothing and reassuring to the pet.For long trips, it may be necessary to give your cat a sedative. Do not try to guess on this one but tell your vet and based on the breed and weight and health of your cat,the vet will give you a prescription for the cat's trip. Make sure your cat is hungry when you give her the drug. The reason for this is that the drug can best be liquefied or powdered and mixed in with a small amount of her favorite food. Some cats are very cooperative and will allow you to gently insert it in the side of her mouth.

You will recall that I told you about my cat stealing my robe and making a rug out of it. Take rings and watches, tv remotes, some valuable papers, etc. this as a que and do not leav out anything valuable for the cat to confiscate. When I first took Leopard into my home, I began to notice pens and pencils disappearing. Then more valuable items such as rings and watches missing. And valuable papers. I searched for her lair and found it behind my massive oaken desk. She was not sleeping there; she slept behind my clothing in my bedroom closet. Her lair was separate and fun for her. She kept all her toys there. So periodically, I would remove the items valuable to me and she taught me not to leave out items I did not want stolen. This principle may have some application for human behavior also. Don't leave your car unlocked, you home, your office when you leave, etc. But is it any wonder that we can learn from cats?

As synonyms for cat carrier, you may find pet crate