Here is a Tool that is Helping Disabled People get Around

The Handybar is quite the innovative tool. It has been helping the elderly, the disabled, and the pregnant. Getting in, and out of a vehicle seems to be quite a challenge for some folks. Imagine you have a strained back, broken leg, or whatever. It is a pain to bend over and get into a car with disabilities and injuries alike, so the Handybar was created to solve that problem. What it is, is a 3-in-1 tool that not only acts as a supporting handle when inserted into a car's striker, but a seatbelt cutter, and a window breaker.


How to Use a Handybar:

Simply insert the glass-breaker end into your car's striker. You may put all of your weight on the handle once properly inserted. You can use the door, and the Handybar to support all of your weight as you set down into your car seat.

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The Handybar is one of the best Mobility Aids out there - retailing for $39.99 US, how can you put a price on freedom?

Interested? Buy a Handybar Here! - Only $39.99 + Shipping.

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The Handybar is also a great gift for your grandparents, or neighbours that struggle every day getting in and out of their vehicles.

Get Rid of the Hassel of Getting in and out of a Car!

The Handybar makes it super easy to just get up and go. No more having to wait until you absolutely have to go out in your car. Now you have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Watch the Handybar Video