Today, you don't have to worry about log cabins that are manually constructed with every log tied at an end notch and every side treated with plaster for protection against wind, water, and snow.

These days, the majority of structures are created in a couple of day's time with the help of a log cabin kit. On the market, you can now choose between an array of modular and panelized designs for log cabins.

Don't know the difference? Modular design systems use pre-fabricated modular blocks that are fixed together to create the structure you have selected.

With a panelized design system, you'll deal with pre-fabricated components called panels that also fit together to deliver an intended structure. However, the only difference between the two is that a panelized system might give you a bit more challenge to actually put together.

If you're fighting headaches on choosing the cabin design system best for you, some people were quite pleased to select pre-assembled cabins already for the taking.

You can order cabins that are as small as 16 x 18 feet. These are easy to place, some serving as extra storage or accommodations for your guests. These kinds of cabin sizes are thought the smallest size you can possibly get when it comes to a log cabin kit.

For the largest sizes, some cabins measure up to 24 x 34 feet. These customizable beauties are actually quite the buy at $12,000 to $14,000.

You can also add the windows and doors of your choice to these pre- assembled cabins if you'd like. The benefits of bringing home a pre-assembled log cabin is that you can skip the financial drain of paying someone else to set up your modular or panelized design system.

Additionally, a log cabin kit can be molded into whatever you like so you don't have to pull hairs worrying if you bought the wrong log cabin.

Whether you are considering placing an order for a modular design system, panelized design system, or a pre-assembled cabin, try to imagine the ease and simplicity of owning a log cabin without the wait, which is now pretty easy.

Don't forget that log cabins are no longer limited by the thought of just providing shelter, as they have evolved to include many different uses.

Consider your log cabin for storing yard supplies, keeping your animals safe, extending your garage, and much more. The uses for a log cabin seem to truly never end.

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