Instructions on Ouija Board Use

History of the Ouija Board:

Similar games to Ouija became popular during Victorian times. In the late 1800s there was a fascination, among the upper classes especially (the rich had lots of free time to fill in those days), with occult practices. Séances were popular and the use of letters laid out, like on a Ouija board, meant that séance-style psychic experiences could be had without any special preparation. It also meant that people could hold these events without a medium being present.

How to Use a Ouija Board:

It's preferable to have one person in charge of the Ouija session and this person should instruct the other participants throughout.

Get the participants to sit in a circle around the Ouija board. Ideally, the board should be placed centrally on a round table with the participants sitting around it. Three or four people is the optimum amount to have involved in any Ouija session.
Next, ask the participants to join hands. They should place their left hand on top of the right hand of the person next to them. Once everyone has linked hands, move on to the next stage.

Say a prayer. This prayer could be one you have made up yourself prior to the session, or you could look online for a prayer of protection. This prayer asks for nothing negative to happen due to the Ouija board session. Ask that you only contact good spirits and also ask for good, higher spirits to protect you during the session.

Now, ask the participants to each put two fingers on the pointer, or planchette. They should not press down on it. Just ask them to rest their fingers on it gently.

When the participants all have two fingers on the pointer and you are happy, ask questions. The pointer is likely to move, seemingly independently of any outside interference, around the Ouija board. This is thought to be a contacted 'spirit' or 'entity' responding to your question. Watch to see what is spelled out as the pointer moves toward different letters. The Ouija board usually has the letters of the alphabet laid out on it, the numbers 0-9, as well as the answers, 'yes,' 'no,' and 'goodbye.' It may also have images of the sun and moon printed on it and the word, 'hello.' If you ask an entity where it comes from and it moves toward the sun, it is thought to be a good spirit. It is thought to be a bad spirit if it moves toward the moon.

If the pointer moves toward the word, 'goodbye,' let the spirit leave. Similarly, if you want to close the session, move the pointer to the word, 'goodbye' and say, 'goodbye,' too. It's important to remain in charge of the situation. You are in control of when spirits are allowed to make contact and when not. By letting things get out of control, people can easily panic and bad experiences result.

If the pointer doesn't move, you can try getting the participants to move seats before trying again. Always keep the Ouija board and pointer clean. Don't let dirt and dust accumulate on it. Participants should not have a frivolous attitude toward use of the Ouija board. This tends to lead to unsuccessful sessions.

Important Things to Remember About Ouija Board Use:

Once you know how to use a Ouija board, you will become more confident and likely to have more successful sessions. It's important not to become overly obsessed with Ouija boards, however. Overuse and the tendency to take things too seriously, has led to people becoming mentally unstable. For those that truly believe they are being contacted by spirits, it's important to remember that proper prayers of protection and correct closure of sessions makes the practice safe. You should also remember that, whatever you believe to be the cause of the answers given by the Ouija board, the questions are often answered wrongly, or with complete nonsense.




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