Top 5 QR App for your iPhone

QR App for Android

Here’s an easy step by step instructions on how to use QR codes for your phone:

Step 1

Get a smart phone with a camera.

Step 2

Download a QR reader app for your phone.

Step 3

Take a picture of the QR code. Make sure your hands aren't shaky.

Step 4

You'll be redirected to a URL or a text will be displayed so you can see the information encoded upon the QR code.


Top 5 QR App for your iPhone

QR Reader for iPhone from TapMedia Ltd.

It is the quickest of all the QR reader apps for iPhone. It has a wide range of sharing options and reusability. There's a built-in web browser that redirects you to the URL without the need to open Safari. When you click on 'share', you'll have the option to share it on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or you can email it or just copy it to your clipboard. You can do all these without haviImage: Salvatore Vuono / to leave the app.

QR Scanner

QR Scanner is fast and it is automatically launched when you scan a QR code. Its only downside is its interface which isn't very attractive.

Tap Reader

Its best feature is that you can scan multiple QR codes and view them later. However, when you open it for the first time, you'll need to setup an account for viewing your QR codes which will be automatically saved in your account.

I-Nigma 4

There's i-Nigma 4 for iOS 4 and iOS 3 as well. Its sharing option is limited and if you choose to share it, you'll have to close your app and open Safari.

QR App

The QR App will automatically take a picture if it detects a QR code. Its negative side is that it opens Safari and directs you to the URL without asking for permission.

Another QR reader for iPhone is RL (Red Laser) Classic by Occipital.


QR App for Android

QR Droid

It is the only QR reader app to be rated 5 out of 5 by PC World magazine. You do not have to take a picture to scan a QR code. It will be automatically scanned and the information will be shown on your screen. If it's a video, it will show preview your video image, title of the video and its duration. You can share it easily by selecting 'share'. It has many options for you to choose from which includes previewing the webpage only, saving it on your SD card, sharing the scan with your contacts and so on.

Other QR App for Android:

2.       i-Nigma

3.       Mobiletag

4.       NeoReadar

5.       QuickMark

6.       ScanLife

7.       UpCode

8.       Beetag

9.       Kaywa

10.     Zxing


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