The Coolsat 6100 Receiver is a third party satellite receiver. It’s primary function is to access and allow the viewing of thousands of high definition video and audio feeds. Generally these feeds are from television stations and networks from all over the world. Technically the various Coolsat models are only capable of accessing free satellite and television feeds. Feeds that are restricted or secured may not be accessible with Coolsat receivers. 

An Aftermarket Satellite Receiver similar to Coolsat ReceiversCredit: By Roelof88 (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

But another function of the Coolsat 6100 is as a multimedia viewing device as it comes with a built in USB port. This port lets you connect a USB flash drive to the receiver and then view the contents of the drive on the connected television without the need for a computer being connected to the TV. It is worth noting that this method will work with any Coolsat Satellite Receiver that has a built in USB port.


First you’ll want to connect your USB flash drive to your computer where the multimedia files are located. Move the files such as videos, audio files, and pictures to the USB drive. Any media that you want to view on your TV you should move to the drive as needed. It is recommended that you use a flash drive with at least 2GB or more of storage space.


If not already connected, hook up the Coolsat receiver to the monitor or television. If connecting other devices to the TV such as a stereo or DVD players, do so as well. Safely remove the USB drive from your computer and reconnect it to your Coolsat’s USB port. Make sure the receiver is turned on. Wait a few seconds and turn on the TV or monitor. Make sure the TV’s input is set to the receiver’s video feed (such as Video 1 or External Input). 


Scroll through the on screen menu for the receiver and select the USB or external drive as the location of the media files. Select the files you want to view and they will appear on your TV screen using the Coolsat as the media hub. 


Keep in mind that while in theory the Coolsat receiver may be capable of accessing and displaying illegally obtained feeds and files; doing this may violate the laws in your area. Use at your own risk and if in doubt only use the system to access files you legally own or have legal access to view. You may also be prompted to enter your Coolsat 6100 password when accessing the USB device through the receiver.