A well written and negotiated apartment lease form is simple enough to create on a computer with a basic word processing program and a printer. No matter how often it happens it remains a story that repeats itself, a landlord rents out an apartment or house that ends up being destroyed, devalued, and vandalized all without the rent even being paid on time. On the other hand, basic maintenance and repairs are never done by the landlord who only insists on bullying for the rent money. In situations like these, an apartment lease form can serve as a powerful tool in any court.

Things You Will Need

computer word processor application


Step 1

Open the apartment lease form with how much rent is due within the first couple lines, as well as what property is going to be rented for that amount.

Step 2

Set up expectations for both the landlord and the tenant within the next sections. Everything should be divided up under headings, such as Maintenance, Parking, Pets, Guests, etc.

Step 3

Make lists of anything that is owned by the landlord and must remain within the house upon the tenant's exit. This can include a refrigerator, washer and dryer and any other items you may be providing. If you are providing a fully furnished home this list may be extensive, but it is very important to ensure you lose no property, even by accident.

Step 4

Create a list of any damages that currently exist in the rental property. This should be a joint effort between the landlord and the tenant to do, that way there are no miscommunications about any damages. Even if you plan to fix it later, write it down as damaged now so you don't forget and blame the tenant if they move out before you fix it.

Step 5

State how many occupants can remain in the household at any given time and what the timeframe is for 'occupancy'. If a boyfriend or girlfriend comes over, how long can s/he stay without being considered an occupant of the home?

Step 6

Note that 'reasonable wear' for the length of the apartment lease agreement is expected. The walls may need a fresh coat of paint when the tenant moves, but holes should not need repaired. Any excessive damage will need to come out of a security deposit.

Step 7

Take responsibility, as a landlord, for all the major repairs on the property, whether you fix them yourself or use a repairman. It may seem tedious but it will ensure the house is in proper living condition and will control possible expenses.

Step 8

Be as detailed as possible when talking about the apartment lease form terms and conditions. They should benefit both parties, be legal in your area and have little room for finding loopholes. A lawyer specializing n rental properties may be used, but is not required.

Step 9

Include statements that make it clear if any above terms and conditions are broken that legal action will be sought as well as possible eviction.

Step 10

Have both the landlord and the tenant sign and date the bottom of the apartment lease form when they agree on all the terms. Initial the bottom of every page for good measure; this ensures nothing new was added on separate pages later.

Step 11

Make a copy of the apartment lease form so the landlord and tenant each have one on file. Both can be signed physically, but if you copy the signatures as well, the landlord should retain the copy with physical signatures on them.