Unclogging a toilet can be done in a few ways. But for a stubborn clogged toilet you can use a drain cleaning method that involves a plumber auger. An auger is also known as an electric snake used by plumbers to reach deep down into a clogged toilet drain. When drain cleaner won’t do the trick, a snake toilet clog tool will get the job done.


Put on some thick rubber gloves and plug the electric snake into a power outlet. You can rent plumbing electric snakes at hardware stores. Take the tip of the snake cable and work it down into the clogged drain. You’ll need to get it a few inches down the clogged drain to get the electric auger started. If you are using one with an automatic feed option simply stick the tip of the snake cable into the drain and activate the forward feed option.


If the electric snake is not an automatic feeder you’ll need to manually work the snake in far enough so it gets past the initial bend in the toilet drain. You’ll experience some resistance but keep working it down until it moves freely past the main drain bend.

How to Unclog a Toilet with an Electric Snake Auger

Set the electric snake auger to the forward direction and allow it to twist and spin it’s way through the clog. Allow it to run a few seconds and don’t be surprised to experience splashing water. Set the electric snake into reverse to pull the clog out. You may need to alternate between forward and reverse to unclog the drain fully. The snake will begin to move a bit more freely once the clog has been broken up properly.


Put the electric snake into reverse and slowly work it out of the drain. Do not pull too hard but gently guide the auger cable out of the freshly unclogged drain.


Flush the toilet once or twice to test and ensure the drain is fully unclogged. If the toilet remains clogged turn off the water line to the toilet, located underneath the toilet tank to avoid overflowing. Repeat the steps above until you have completed clearing a clogged toilet.


You can prevent having to use a plumber’s electric snake auger by using less toilet paper during visits to the bathroom and using a plunger regularly to keep clogs to a minimum. Also avoid putting trash, paper towels, plastic, hair, and other debris down the toilet drain which can cause a clogged drain pipe.