Uplighting 101

So you've rented some LED lights for your wedding, or maybe bought some for your church, but how do you make them look good? Look no further than David's guide to uplighting 101!

First, make sure that your LED light is as close to the wall as possible. This keeps the angle down as low as possible and therefore keeps the light even up tall walls of the venue you are in. Next, tilt the light away from the wall a smidge, until the hot point of the beam is about 3 feet off of the ground. This ensures that the brightest parts of the light are above all of the tables in your reception hall, and certainly taller than the dancing people!

Our 2nd concern is distribution. First, tally up all of the lights you have and figure out an approximate plan for how to evenly space them around the walls. Next, consider what special focal points you have, such as the band, dance floor, cake table, entrance or lobby. Make sure to allocate extra lights for those areas, because that's where you want people to focus their eyes. After that, distribute all of your lights into their positions, plugging them in with extension cords as needed. Tape down the extension cords with gaffers tape wherever necessary to prevent tripping and tangling with feet.

3rd, make sure to decide on colors for your lights. Unless you're going for a special effect, stick to no more than 2 colors- more will look busy. Use the colors of your wedding or organization as inspiration, but don't feel compelled to use 2 colors. The simplicity of 1 color can sometimes be a much more appealing vibe for your event. Dial in the colors using the dip switches or LCD screen on the back of your units.

Last- make sure that you enjoy the party! It's your big day, or at least you friends- have a great time and enjoy the great display of light that you have created!