Using an MS Excel Web Query you can bring the full power of the internet directly into your spreadsheets. By the time you finish this article, you will be able to create dynamic spreadsheets using external sources from the internet.

Let's Begin

Difficulty: Moderate and all you need is Microsoft Excel 2000 or Newer and A Working Internet Connection.

MS Excel Web Query
Step One Menu Selection

Open Microsoft Excel and select
DATA from the top line menu. Then click IMPORT EXTERNAL DATA. Then click NEW WEB QUERY.

Tip: The keyboard shortcut for step 1 is Alt DDW.

MS Excel Web Query
Step Two  Minibrowser

A minibrowser window will open and you will enter the URL of the data you will query. The minibrowser will allow you to click links and navigate to another site if you need to.

MS Excel Web Query
Step Three  Cell Selection

You will see yellow arrows pointing to data you can import. Click the arrow for your data and it will become a checkmark. Click IMPORT. You'll get a message asking you where your information should go. Then the active cell will change to a dashed border.

MS Excel Web Query
Step Four Raw Data

Click OK and your MS Excel Web Query is completed. You can format or sorted the information and work with it using formulas or as reference points.

MS Excel Web Query
Step Five Refreshing Data

You will need to refresh your data from time to time as circumstances and information change. To refresh step 3 info, you will right click in the MS Excel Web Query information area. Your context menu will pop up. Select the bottom option that says REFRESH DATA. All your step 4 formatting will remain even with updated data.

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