It is clear to many eBay and Amazon sellers that choosing the right keyword for the title and the body of sales content is very important. Writers need to write highly optimized content so that they can make extra sales. Writers spend a lot of their time researching for popular keywords from different resources. A lot of that time can be saved if the writer uses eBay and Amazon to find keywords to write about. The article written for Amazon or eBay using these same resources will definitely convert more sales.


Ebay and Amazon are a good place to go to find what is trending.  Yes you can sell items on Ebay and Amazon and make some good money, but it is not passive.  If you are writing online such as at Infobarrel, you can use the same tactics for selling items on Ebay and Amazon and transfer that to writing product reviews.  You need to find out what is trending on Ebay and Amazon and then check the item out. After you use the item or at least interview someone that has that item.  You can write a review of the article, put a product link in your article and collect the money from people wanting to buy that item. 

Making Money By writing Better Item Descriptions
This section is about writing better descriptions on Ebay and Amazon.  This will be for direct sales on those websites. As a writer, the first thing you focus on is the title. It's a title that appears on item listings and therefore the short descriptive text should be informative in order to give shoppers an idea about the product. The eBay and Amazon search engines use product titles to locate listings. As a writer you should ensure that the title is well customized with correct keywords for the purposes of search engine optimization. A point to note about titles is that on eBay, the title can have a maximum of 10-15 words which is around 80 characters. At Amazon the title can be a bit longer (80-100 characters).

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How will you write highly optimized content? You might be asking “does writing about the best keyword produces highly optimized content?” The best keywords are the ones that are being highly searched by potential customers on wide world web. How will I know the most popular keywords? Relax eBay and Amazon have both put in place tools that aid the writers in knowing in advance what shoppers have their eyes on. The tools are good at collecting and analyzing online searches to gather popular keywords in every product category in order to enable writers to write productive content.  If you are not selling, you can look how sellers are listing the items and can use that information to write a great product review. 

Tools to Use

EbayCredit: One such tool is eBay Pulse keyword tool. Before you strike your keyboard you should first consult with eBay for best keywords. The eBay pulse keyword tool is a market place feature that reveals the ten most looked after keywords in every category, sub-category and sub-sub category. This knowledge is very valuable to you as it helps you to write relevant content and you do not end up losing a lot of time being buried in other websites in search of keywords. The attained data from all categories helps you to build good titles and body, content that is in line with product trends. By use of eBay pulse you will be able to create content that is informative as the tool also gives you insight on most viewed products and the largest stores. You will give potential customers what they want to read.


Familiarize yourself with eBay pulse so that you can learn how it works as it is being technically upgraded to be more user-friendly. Each eBay market place has a unique pulse website for effective functionality. Such market places are: US, IT, UK, AUS, FR, DE among others. One other good news you should know is that this eBay feature is completely free of charge. Many people fear to spend what they are looking for; money. You will not be asked for your PayPal account details. How relieving.

Another tool from eBay that helps writers to search for keywords to write about is eBay labs, also referred to as Catman. It is a lab made of a collection of prototypes and tools from eBay. Again, eBay labs are free of charge. They are designed to give writers in-depth knowledge regarding search trends on eBay. The keyword trends can be trusted as actual eBay shoppers search queries are used. The list shows up to a 100 most searched keywords on every single product category. If you like, you can term eBay labs as an extended eBay Pulse discussed above. With the information about keyword trends, top bidding products and top selling items you will be able to write a sales converting keyword-rich piece of work in your category of choice. You need to keep on visiting market place regularly in order to stay updated and get to know what is hot. Do not use the tools once a week and keep writing on the same old keywords. It is advisable that you use eBay labs and eBay pulse as often as possible for new keyword ideas as the listings keep changing by the minute. It offers up-to-date database. You are lucky if you are writing for US eBay market place and not anywhere else since eBay labs are only available for US eBay market place.

Another way you can use eBay to find keywords to write about is by using eBay site map. The resource is placed at the bottom of every single eBay page. Clicking on it will expose so much helpful information. It is a great resource that every writer will find worth scanning through.

If you are writing for a product, you need to visit top most online stores in order to get the best keywords. After visiting eBay, it goes without saying that your next stop will be at Here you can use Amazon movers and shakers to view the most popular keywords from each and every category. It shows listings of sales for a period of 24 hours meaning that the database is always up-to-date. As a writer, you get to see which keywords are popular and which ones are not.

There are other resources available at that may help you in your keyword search mission. Clicking on the links will take you to lists that show top searched terms and products. Browse through lists such as best seller lists, hot new products, most gifted, most wished for and top rated among others. All these links will give you new keyword ideas to write about. You can also use the wild card procedure to discover the top searched keywords. The 1st step involves typing asterisk into the search area, the second step involves searching through the results and the 3rd final step involves discovery and creation. It is in this step that keyword discovery is done.


It is evident that there is no better resource to find keywords to write about other than where the content is destined for. Keyword-rich content that is written by use of eBay or Amazon resources will definitely attract sales and increase income.  If you are writing a product review for Infobarrel or any other revenue sharing site, you should consider looking at Ebay and Amazon to see what is trending.  These sites are mega businesses and have already done the research for you.  That translates to less work for you.  These two sites will also tell you what people are looking for and what people want to buy and know more about.  Use the tools I have talked about in this article and write some product reviews.  You will see your Amazon Associate earnings go way up. 


Take care of yourself and others.  Make today and everyday a great day. 



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