If you are new to the Amazon Associates program you may be wondering how to get up and running quickly by making Associates links. The best feature Amazon has recently released is the Amazon Associates Toolbar. They call it the Site Stripe. While it gives you quick access to several sections of your Amazon Associates account, the one feature that stands out is the ability to quickly make an Amazon Associates link.

Turning Site Stripe on and off
Log in to your Amazon Associates account. Then click on the link at the top right that says "Account Settings." In the Account Information box you will find a link to the Associates Site Stripe Options. If the Site Stripe toolbar is not already turned on, you can turn it on in this screen. You can adjust the features of the Site Stripe that you would like to use.

Using the toolbar to create affiliate links
With the Site Stripe toolbar turned on you are ready to quickly create an affiliate link. Start by navigating to the product that you want to link to. Then click the "Link to this page" button on the left end of the Site Stripe. A window will pop up which allows you to create a link to the product.

You will be shown the account you are currently logged in to as well as the tracking ID that the current link will be created for. You can use different tracking IDs on different websites or articles to get detailed information on where your traffic is coming from. Make sure you choose the right ID for the link you are about to create.

Do you want a text only link, or an image link? Whichever you choose you will have options specific to your choice. If you choose the enhanced text and image display you get to choose the colors for the advertisement. If you choose just the standard image you can choose the size of picture you need. The most commonly used option for bloggers is the text only option which you will use in blog posts and articles you write. Write in the anchor text you will use for the product and copy the code from the bottom section to paste into your writing.

Other features of the toolbar
All Amazon Associates have access to creating their own aStore. The toolbar allows you to quickly add an item to your aStore. You can also easily add a product to your various Amazon Associates widgets for your blog.

While there are several other features with the Site Stripe the last one that makes this a very helpful product is a one-click method to get to your earnings summary. Click the "Your Earnings Summary" link in the Site Stripe to see your current month's earnings. You will be prompted to log in to see your earnings report.

Creating Amazon Associates links are easy using the Amazon Associates Site Stripe toolbar. The next time you need to make an Associates link think to use the toolbar from the page you are viewing. This beats having to log into your account dashboard just to go back to the page you were on to get the link you need.