The Blackberry Stormâ„¢ features a SurePressâ„¢ touch screen which will allow you to navigate through all of its advanced features. The Blackberry is a handheld mobile phone, with a GPS navigation system, that also enhances your browsing, pictures, music, keeps you connected to social networking websites, and keeps you productive with your work, school, or other activities using Word, Excel and other Microsoft software. Here are the BlackBerry Stormâ„¢ smartphone features that will keep you informed, entertained, and productive.

Blackberry Stormâ„¢ Touch Screen

The touch screen allows you to touch the screen and the feature is highlighted, then click on it to select the feature. This click feedback is so much like a real keyboard it increases the accuracy of your typing. Suretype, another enhancement for the accuracy of your typing, learns as you type and dials unlike on traditional phone keypads. Use the spell check feature and your documents will be accurately spelled.

Smartphone adapts to your style of typing.

Use the key pad in phone style or turn the phone and a wide-screen 'qwenty' style keyboard, the widest on any Blackberry device, is available. Typing with just your thumb 'nimbleness' of this device allows you to type when you are doing other activities.

Stay connected with this cellular phone.

No matter where you are the four radio frequency bands the Blackberry Stormâ„¢ operates with keeps you connected, not just in your neighborhood but in 195 countries. Know that you can receive calls, stay social, and access your email where ever you live or travel.

PDA has full HTML browser and download capabilities

Experience convenient, accurate, and full web browsing with the 'touch' of the screen. Watch streamed video from YouTube 'clickity quick'.

Blackberry Stormâ„¢ and your social life.

Keeps your online social life active at all times. Stay connected with your friends through text, pictures and video. Use the custom versions of Facebook and Flickr that are loaded on the Storm just like your home computer. Take pictures with the 3.2 megapixel camera, or upload video with one of five instant messaging applications, and send them to anyone, anywhere. There are 'swappable' memory cards so all your media can easily to shared. You won't miss a social moment with this device.

Multi-media features of the Blackberry Stormâ„¢

The L.C.D. high-resolution color display screen provides you with vibrant detail when viewing. Use the camera for close-ups with the zoom function and use the auto-focus to provide you with the shot you want. Don't have headphones? The Blackberry Stormâ„¢ technology provides a clear sound without them but is also Bluetooth capable.

Stay productive where ever you are.

The wireless modem keeps you connected to your laptop or PC without Ethernet or a wifi connection. Receive real-time email notification, download a variety of Microsoft Office files to draft, view, edit and send, and manage your calendar anywhere there is a wireless connection.

Get your business done and have fun with the Blackberry Stormâ„¢. Whether you are running a small business, telecommute, work on the road, or need a handheld mobile device to keep you connected with your world the Blackberry Stormâ„¢ has features to assist you. Personalize your multi-media life with the Blackberry Storm. Use the HTML browser, social capabilities, GPS navigation, and the suite of multimedia functions to stay connected, productive, and on tract. All with the 'click' on the high resolution screen.