This guide is provided by me to help you understand how the bloom system works in Halo Reach. Understanding the concept of the bloom and realizing when to pace and when to spam the firing trigger, will help you succeed in online play.

Things You Will Need

If you are reading this guide, you should already have a xbox 360 and Halo Reach.

Step 1

If you find yourself in a close-range battle with an enemy, there are several things you can do to win this gun fight. If your health bar is not flashing red, and you are in melee range, the best possible way to win this battle is to melee your opponent, and shoot him once in the head with whatever precision weapon you have (if using one). You can also chuck a grenade as soon as you melee your opponent or melee your enemy again. Common sense right? But what do you do if your shields is flashing red? The best thing you can do if your opponent is not weak to start with is to try to get behind cover. However, if this isn't possible, you could throw a grenade or melee your opponent and hope he/she doesn't melee back. There is another option, though. If you have a DMR and you feel comfortable with it, try shooting him down. One method to throw your opponent off that I have found to work really well is to strafe while you shoot your DMR, but while your strafing, throw in a quick crouch. Ex. Strafe to the right and halfway through your strafe, crouch, all while shooting and vice-versa. Whether you realize it or not, crouching resets your bloom quicker than it does without crouching. If you are in close-range, practice these methods and I guarantee you will have success once you become comfortable with it. The most important thing to remember is that when you are in close-range combat, your bloom won't play an important role as it will in long-range combat, because when your reticule expands in close-range, you're still hitting your opponent almost 100% of the time. Bloom doesn't play factor: Spam trigger

Step 2

Due to being in mid to long-range combat, your melee button will have no use here. Your bloom, however, will play a much more important role. To have success in mid to long-range combat, remember this: Pace yourself. Even if your opponent already has a shot on you before you even put a shot in him/her, you will almost alway want to pace your shots. Remember that just because your opponent already has an advantage, doesn't mean he/she will be using the bloom mechanic correctly. He/she may be spamming the firing trigger and miss half of his/her shots. But if you know that there is almost no chance for you to win, spam your first two shots, or your last two. If you're opponent is not looking at you, and you have a grenade, don't be afraid to use it. If thrown correctly, he/she will be weakened and be an easy kill for you as long as you pace your shots. Same rule applies as Close-Range does: Remember to strafe and apply a crouch periodically through it. With practice, you will master your strafe, and your bloom-affected shots. If you feel like playing a little Big Team Battle on Hemmorage, remember this. If you have a DMR or any other precision weapon, let the bloom reset completely if your opponent is far away and the reticule isn't red when aiming at him/her. I have won countless DMR battles using this method and you will too.

In this guide, you have learned that it varies with the reticule bloom. In close-range, it is better to spam the trigger than to pace yourself. In mid to long-range, pace yourself. Your success will come from learning to be patient with your shots. Using my methods, you will have a great online experience owning other players.

Tips & Warnings

The Halo Reach Bloom is flawed. Occasionally, opponents will when gun fights just by spamming the trigger at long-range. However, you will win the majority of long-range battles by pacing instead of spamming.

The DMR is a 5 shot kill, meaning that if you get all headshots in 5 bullets, your opponent will die. Remember this when pacing your shots.