Use the photo features of your Android phone

An Android smart phone usually comes with a camera and operates like a mini computer on the palm of your hand. It uses Google as an operating system and platform based on how the Android was developed ever since Google worked with High Tech Computer Corporation (HTCC). The Android phone offers clear pictures that can be easily shared to your loved ones and friends because the operating system of the Android is equipped with good photo functionality.

Things You Will Need

Android phone, free phone app, computer

Step 1

Open the hardware button for loading the built-in camera on demand of your Android camera through the app icon in the phone's app launcher. It would be easier for you to instantly access this feature if you'll put this icon as a shortcut on your phone's home screen.

Step 2

Identify your Android phone's on-screen buttons. Once you start to open the Android camera, you can easily view a few on-screen buttons as well as the big viewfinder. The uppermost button is an icon for opening your Android phone's gallery of stored pictures once you'll rotate your phone via horizontal view.

You can now view the switch button below that toggles in-between the phone's video-recording and still photo modes. The shutter is the round button at the bottom part where you can press in order to begin recording or capturing any picture that you like.

Step 3

Navigate the camera's capabilities and advance options. Tap the "Menu" key and select options, or just touch the lined area to the far left of the screen of your phone so that you can reach the camera's advanced options.

A slide-out menu will provide you with selections whether what size the photo you want to be, the level of quality, as well as where you want to store the information including the picture's location. You can tap anywhere on the image in the viewfinder to zoom it in or out if you select the still photo mode.

Zoom in small sizes by tapping the image once in order to bring up the zoom controls. If you want to instantly zoom all the way in or out, just tap it twice instantly by using your finger.

Step 4

Download photos or images online or transfer them from your computer. Press and hold your finger for a few seconds in your phone's browser in order to get the photo or image from the world wide web. A menu will just pop-up and gives you an option whether you want to save the image to your Android phone.

Simply drag and drop it directly from your computer while your phone is connected through the USB to save the photo or image from your PC. All the pictures and images that you save in your Android smart phone will always be seen in the "Gallery" application regardless of where you store those photos.

Step 5

Tap the small thumbnail image at the top left of the camera screen of your phone if you want to use the "Camera" app to gain access to all the photos or images stored there. The tiny thumbnail will always display the most recent picture or image that you've just taken.

You can view the most recent picture displayed at full-screen size if you loaded your image as recently mentioned in this article. By tapping your finger on the icon or image, the touch screen allows you to zoom it in or out while tapping your finger on the left or right side of the viewing area, it enables you to move gradually towards the rest of the stored photos or images on your Android phone.

Step 6

Use the buttons on the right side of the screen of your phone in various ways. First, you can use these buttons to set a picture as your main system wallpaper or of an image for someone in your contacts list. These buttons can also offer a fast method to delete any image that you no longer want. You can also use these buttons to share any picture through e-mail, or any social networking app installed on your phone and among other things.

If you want to crop or rotate a photo and view a detailed information about it as a file, simply tap your Android phone's "Menu" key. You may also see images from your Android's Gallery app that you can access from the app launcher. You can create a shortcut so that you can place it on your home screen for easy viewing once you want to use it.

You'll be able to look at your photos and videos in various folders informing you on how and when you had obtained them, once you start loading the "Gallery". Once you'll open a folder on your Android phone's touch screen, you can easily view any image at its full-screen size just by tapping it. You can also tap the enlarged photo to access other image management options.

Step 7

Edit your pictures or images for free. You can have an option to edit these photos that you have in your
Android phone. One example of a free app is the PicSay photo editor. It has tools for adding graphics, visual effects, and word balloons and it can also correct color images.

Another example is Mobile free app from Adobe which offers a simple step solution when you color, crop, blur or color correct your images or photos. There are many free apps for your Android phone and you can just search online for more choices.

Step 8

Play a slide show of your photos through the "Gallery" app in your Android phone. Simply tap the "Menu" key on the screen and choose "Slideshow" inside the folder in order to start. You can also tap the "Menu" key and select "Setting" in order to customize the slide show.

The "Setting" menu has options for changing the size as well as order of thumbnails displayed in your phone's Gallery app. You can also have an option for setting the order of photos or images that will show, how long each picture or image will be displayed on-screen, and what kind of change or alteration will link with those images.

There are many Android apps for your phone through Google's large Android Market and you don't need to pay if it says "free". Most of these apps will be offered free only with its basic services but if you want to upgrade, that's usually the time that they ask for a monthly or yearly fee.

Tips & Warnings

Google has its own App Store which is known as the Android Market. There are so many free apps for your Android phone through Google's Android Market. For example, if you have a Facebook account,
you can also post pictures, update your status, check out your friends' profiles and make comments through your Android phone's Facebook app. You can also get a free Twitter app through Twidroid and sending as well as following tweets is also easier through your phone.

Another free app which you can chat and talk with other users is the "Live Chat application". You can create a profile with photo and develop your own chat groups. It's advisable to make private chats and have a notification icon on top every time you use it so that you will not be bothered by other users whom you don't know.

You can also select Meebo for your free instant messaging. This free app supports Yahoo, Google Talk, AIM, MSN, MySpace IM, ICQ and Jabber if you have a Meebo account. Your chat history will be saved perpetually, and you can access it online once you log-in. You can create a Meebo account if you want to use this service.

If you love listening ringtones through your Android phone, the "Ringdroid" app could be a great choice because it allows you to create free ringtones from your favorite songs. Simply load any song into your SD card, select start, end points then save it as a ringtone. You can also make it as your alert notification. Ringdroid will also allow you to record your own ringtones.

For those who love listening to music through their phones, you can use "Imeem" app. You can simply play music through your SD card. You can also upload tracks from your PC and stream music online with Imeem's mobile player but you need to open a free account before you can enjoy their services. You can listen to your uploaded tracks under "My Music" tab. You can also listen to featured stations that were placed together by their account users and the staff members from Imeem .