Email autoresponder software is generally used to send a number of emails to a subscriber after he or she has made an inquiry providing his or her name and information. The following steps will provide you with information in order that you may assure your sign up was a valid one.

If the request came from the user with regard to interest in your informational product, then you will need to set up your email autoresponder software system in order that this person may provide you with a confirmation.

With that said, establish a new or additional email auto responder, allowing only one event. You'll need to set the reply to address an email account that is separate from the one that is monitored by the email auto responder. Inform your subscriber that they need to confirm their interest in your informational product by clicking reply within their email message. The email address where they send their reply will be subsequently sent to the other auto responder where main events are stored.

The primary email auto responder should be set to acknowledge the reply email set up within the subscription auto responder. The second auto responder you are using may be set up to send information instantaneously and confirming that the subscription or sign up was legitimate.

From the email autoresponder software, a reminder of when your subscriber may expect a new message may be practical along with general information how he or she may opt out of the list if they find it necessary. When you are managing your opt out requests, you do not need to provide another address; Persons wishing to opt-out of receiving further emails are managed through your main email auto responder account.

If your email messages are very well written, then other people may also wish to sign up. The process is known as viral marketing. Within the body of your email auto responder message, add a line towards the bottom of the message wherein you ask persons who received a message that was forwarded to subscribe by sending an email to the subscription email address. In this way, you can keep the process re-generating for you on a cyclic basis.

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