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If you're like a majority of the population, waking up early can be a struggle.  Hearing that alarm clock ring, buzz, and rattle while it's still dark out can be not only annoying but stressful.  You miss breakfast because you're rushing to get to work on time.  This then carries on to you being hungry while at work therefore being less productive.  You then slam back a coffee and next thing you know you're in the bathroom.  It's now lunch and you wondered where the hell your morning went.  This maybe a little exaggerated or right on the money for some but wait... here's a few pointers to get you up early and starting your day off on the right foot.

Rest Time : ZzZzzZz

Give yourself enough time for a good nights rest.  Easier said than done since we all have busy lives that eat away at the clock.  However, if you can find yourself getting to bed earlier this will allow for that essential 8 hours of sleep everyone's talking about.  This will physically prepare your body for the early waking of the next morning.  Not having enough sleep will physically and mentally hurt your chances of waking up early.  Set a goal for yourself to be in bed by a certain time and make it consistent.

Routine : Practice Makes Perfect

Speaking of consistency, make it a routine to be in bed by a certain hour and wake up at the desired time.  Once that alarm goes off don't hit the snooze button but instead roll out of bed and up onto your feet.  It may suck at the moment to leave a warm comfy bed but it will pay off in dividends when you're being productive right away in the morning.  To aid in this process put the alarm clock at a distance away from your bed so that you're forced to get up to turn it off.  Or with all the technology out there today, you could download an app on your fancy smartphone that wakes you up with a calming sound which increases in volume as you wake from your stupor.  At all costs avoid hitting the snooze button to avoid the notorious brain fog that accompanies it.

Lights : So Bright Out

And while you get out of bed, you might as well turn on those lights in that dark room.  This will get your eyes to adjust and bring you into a more alert, wakeful state quicker.  Turn on the lights or even better if the sun is rising open your blinds to let some natural light in.  Natural light lets the body know that it's time to go and the day has started with or without you.

Shower : Wake Up Time

Finally, if you don't do this already, hop into the shower and turn on some music.  This will excite the senses and get you ready for your day.  Also, people tend to enjoy singing in the shower so why not let out your musical talents and sing along to your favorite song.  Multitask by brushing your teeth in the shower which will save you a bunch of time over a few weeks! 

Congratulations : You're Awake!

You'll be zipping along through work in the morning and feel more productive throughout the entire day if you follow these tips.  Therefore improving your overall life and happiness. 

If you have any suggestions or other useful tips, leave a comment below!