Join the Crowd

If you're one of the few with a flat screen TV not mounted on the wall, here's a step-by-step guide that should help you join the pack. Many people are already enjoying a suspended screen displaying crystal clear images in their living rooms. A wall mounted TV is the best way to enjoy your flat screen because it saves you tons of room, looks stylish and, if done correctly, can be more secure than it just sitting on a dresser or an entertainment shelf not bolted to anything sturdy. With proper planning and the right tools, you can have your flat screen mounted in no time.

flat screen tvCredit: Louis Hall

Things you'll need

You'll first need a mounting kit which you can find at most major hardware and electronic stores. Be sure to check the supported screen sizes before going to checkout. The type of material your studs are made out of will determine which anchors you use. There are special anchors for metal, wood and concrete studs so be sure to do you research and find the right ones. Also, an electronic stud finder to help you find the studs in your wall, a screwdriver, a pencil to mark the location of the studs, some tape if you have a template, a level to make sure everything is even, and a drill. Now you're ready to wall mount your TV.

Step 1

Use the stud finder to locate the studs in the wall. Be sure that where you're mounting your TV will give you the best viewing perspective and also keep in mind any lighting issues that could arise. If you have a plasma TV, you don't want it to be in the way of any sunlight as those screens tend to glare a lot. After you've found the studs, mark them with the pencil.

Step 2

Some kits include a template to better position your TV with. Place it between the marks on the wall you made earlier, and use a level to make sure it's even. After you've done that, tape it on the wall and use the guide to drill your mounting holes.

Step 3

Position the wall mount bracket and align the holes with the ones you drilled through the template. Screw the wall mount into place. Then, on your TV, search for the mounting holes behind the monitor. Once located, screw the mounting arms to your TV making sure each screw is secure. Lying it on the floor with the face on the ground shouldn't be a problem.

Step 4

Lift the TV and place it on the mounting bracket. Unless you have superhuman strength, you may need a friend to help you. If everything is secure and the TV doesn't move, you're all done. Be sure to connect all your cables before you mount the TV as it'll be pretty hard to get behind there once it's on the wall.

Tips and Warnings

If you're mounting bracket has locks, be sure to lock those in place after you're done. If you want to wall mount your DVD player, be sure to keep that in mind when choosing an area for your flat screen. Also, if mounting over a fireplace, be sure the overall temperature of the area is within the specified range your TV is meant to handle. You can find that info in the instruction manual that came with your TV.
image by Louis Hall/stock.xchng