We spend a lot of time using our bed pillows every night. Most people don't wash their pillows because Bed Pillowsthey think they shouldn't, so instead, we end up buying new ones or just sleeping on the old ones, thinking that changing the pillow case is enough. Well, it isn't. skin cells and dirt travel through the pillow case to the pillow, so they need to be washed regularly. Follow these instructions to wash your pillows properly.

What you will need:

* Washing machine with gentle cycle

* Mild and gentle detergent

* Dryer

What you need to do:

Step 1. Take the pillow cases off of your bed pillows to prepare them to be washed. You can wash regular cotton pillows or feather pillows this way.

Step 2. Set your wash machine to the gentle cycle on warm and add in a mild detergent that is for delicates. Let the machine fill up, then add in 1 or 2 pillows evenly in the washer. Make sure you put one one each side of the washer and even them out so that the washer barrel doesn't get out of balance and start making a clunking or knocking noise.

Step 3. Let the cycle run completely, then transfer the pillows to the dryer and let them tumble until they are dry and fluffy. I also add in a tennis ball or two, which for some reason, helps to fluff up the pillows a lot better then just running them through the dryer alone. I have also read that using the tennis balls speeds up drying time. Dryer

Step 4. Remove the pillows from the dryer and fluff them a little bit more by hand. If they are lumpy at all in any areas, work out the lumps and bumps with your hands.

Step 5. Put the fresh, clean pillow cases back onto the pillows and get ready for a good night's sleep. You will feel a lot better sleeping on a freshly laundered pillow.