Would you like to watch programs in 3-D on your own existing television set? Use this method and you can begin watching programs in 3-D today!

Things You Will Need

A pair of dark sunglasses that you're willing to modify
A good quality TV, preferably a HDTV

Step 1

There is a special physical principle involved when you look through a pair of dark glasses: the image from your eyes arrives at the brain several thousandths of a second later than it would if you were not looking through the dark glasses. Ordinarily, that would make no difference to any of us and wouldn't cause us any trouble. But by making use of this principle, you can turn your standard HDTV program into a 3-D program. And you don't have to buy a 3D television set to experience the 3D effect.

Step 2

Modified SunglassesTake a pair of sunglasses and remove one of the dark lenses from the frame. It doesn't matter if you remove the right lens or the left lens.
Modified Sunglasses
Put on the glasses with one dark lens and watch a program on your television set. The image from the eye looking through the dark lens will arrive to your brain several thousandths of a second later than the image from the other eye. If the images move rapidly on the screen of your television set, your brain will interpret what each eye sees in a different way, and the moving images will appear to be in 3-D. If there is little or no movement of the images on the screen, the 3D effect will be lost. You can demonstrate this effect quite easily by watching a football game for example. Before the snap of the ball, most players are quite still, so there will be no 3D effect. But as soon as the ball is snapped, the players begin to move rapidly and the 3D effect will jump right out at you.

Watching a sports program will generally provide you with the best 3-D effect - the more rapid the movement, the better the effect will be. Action movies, with all the car chases, fights and special effects also work well in producing 3-D images for your enjoyment.

Tips & Warnings

Remember that the more rapid the movement, the better the 3-D effect will be. If you're watching a television show with little or no movement, then there will be no 3-D effect. Also, a HDTV works best because of the high quality image and faster refresh rate of the images.