There is an old saying that watching a baseball game on television is the best seat in the house. However, that may be changing. You may have the best seat in the house when you watch baseball online. Within the last several years it has become possible to watch every single baseball game played online, on demand on your couch. You can even watch up to four games simultaneously. And you can watch baseball online all season for less than the price of taking a family of four to one live baseball game.

There are several ways to watch baseball online, and a couple of them are even free. But, probably the best way is with a subscription to MLB.TV. For the 2010 season, the premium package costs $119.99 or $24.95 per month.

Things You Will Need

High-speed Internet

Step 1

Subscribe to Go the the MLB.TV website, and choose a programming package. The basic package lets you watch HD quality games, in-game highlights, and complete game archives. The premium package also gives you the ability to choose the home or road television feed, DVR controls and the ability to watch up to four games at once. An audio package is also available for 19.95 per season which allows you to listen to every game.

Step 2

Watch out-of-market games live with MLB.TV. The one catch is teams in your local area may have their games blacked out. While you cannot watch these baseball games online live, they are available in the archive after the game ends.

Step 3

Watch baseball online with ESPN 3. ESPN3 is a live online sports programming network which often shows baseball games. ESPN 3 is available through participating high-speed Internet providers. Contact your Internet service provider to find out if you are able to access ESPN 3. ESPN 3 is also provided for free on college campuses and military bases.

Step 4

Watch baseball online for free with TVU Networks and TV Ants. These two programs are free to download. These programs do not provide you with some of the benefits of MLB.TV, such as HD quality broadcasts or the ability to watch multiple games at once. You get what you pay for, and sometimes you even get a little something for free.

Step 5

Upgrade your Internet access, if necessary, to watch baseball online. These services require at least a 1 megabit connection, with 1.5 megabits recommended for HD quality baseball. Array

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