Television stations have exclusive rights to shows and sporting events. When living in the United States, one does not run into this problem because one can usually find a game broadcasted at a local sports bar or at a friend's house. However, when living overseas, keeping up with sporting events is much more difficult, and some people consider it impossible. The truth is that one just needs to know where to go to find the right information.

Things You Will Need

A high-speed connection, a computer, and headphones.

Step 1

Be aware what game you want to watch before you begin searching and begin the search about a half hour before the game begins because sometimes it takes a while to navigate through the pages and to download the appropriate applications.

Step 2

Perform a basic Internet search with one of the following keywords, "Live sports on your PC." This site will have games listed for many sports, including basketball, baseball, football, hockey, and soccer.

Step 3

Click on the first link. It should be an address that looks like the website is hosted in Europe.

Step 4

On the homepage, look for the forum, which is on the top of the page. Click on "forum."

Step 5

Scroll down until you see the words "NCAA". Click on this category.

Step 6

The page that is being loaded will show many different threads. The thread that you should look for should be near the top of the list and should say "NCAA Football" followed by the week number of the season and then "Streaming". Click on this thread.

Step 7

When the page loads, in the first post, scroll down the page until you see the game that you want to watch. Next to the game should be links to watch the game. Click on the link and enjoy the game.

Applications may be needed to be downloaded to watch the game. Make sure that you read the top of the first post because it has helpful hints about how to watch some of the games. Also, not all games are broadcasted because this is a peer to peer site hosted by fans, so not all games are available.

Tips & Warnings