Football; NFL, NCAA and even high school has become wildly popular. Along with the high demand has become high prices, even for watching the game. It wasn't too long ago when a football game was comparable to going to a movie. Now NFL and college football tickets can run hundreds of dollars. This has left many people out in the cold and looking for other ways to watch football games.

Things You Will Need

A little time and effort

Step 1

Soldier Field Find a way to work at the stadium or for your favorite football team. There are literally hundreds of jobs that need to be filled, so start applying. This will be much more difficult for NFL teams, but even they have positions to fill. At the college level the jobs become easier to get the further removed from the NCAA powerhouses, such as Ohio State, Alabama, Florida and USC you get. On the high school level, most athletic directors are in desperate need of help from chain crews to the PA announcer.

Step 2

If the heart is set on specific teams at the NFL level, the working option is not the best. Instead focus on being a fan. This means finding ways to watch the game for free. Television is by far the best option. The major networks along with ESPN offer lots of NFL coverage, but you are at their mercy to which games are on. College offers even more games and accessing regional coverage has become much easier.

Step 3

If television does not work, then give radio a try. Okay technically this is not watching, but it is still accessing the NFL. Radio offers a free avenue into the NFL or College, so take advantage. Also, it can be a lot of fun listening to the homer announcers broadcast games, instead of the company cookie cutter announcers on the networks.

Step 4

Sit down and click on the Internet. From CBS Sportsline to FOX there are many ways of watching live updates for NFL or College football games. It is not a live stream, where the game can be seen, but they offer live blogging and constant updates that are nearly up to the minute.

Step 5

Listen to the radio for contests and trivia questions where football tickets can be won. Not too long ago, it was very easy to enter such contests, but as tickets have become harder to find, so to have the contest. However, there are still some out there.
Learn how to enjoy football without the high cost.

Tips & Warnings

Forget trying to find a free pass into most NFL games, that isn't happening.