Nowadays, broadband provides the opportunity to stream and download content from the internet in order to watch live, or hold on your mobile device to watch when you’re on the move without an internet connection.  It’s even possible to use mobile broadband to watch on the go on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop as 4G connectivity provides speeds sufficient to do so. 

No TV License Required

If you’re watching catch up shows on internet TV channels, you are not required to pay for a TV license.  Most of us these days, even if we have Sky TV deals, end up watching catch-ups and very rarely watching live.  Our lives have become busier and busier and so we are more selective about what we watch.  Recording and then watching later is a trend that is becoming more and more prevalent amongst Sky Digital and other digital TV consumers. 

Free TV Channels Online

There are a number of free to watch TV channels online and these provide a massive array of catch-up, highlights, and archived programs that are sure to fill an evening with pleasurable and exciting TV, perhaps even better than if you had access to digital TV.

For example:

  • 4OD (Channel 4)

Channel 4 on demand have big collections of series and feature shows through comedy, documentary, drama, entertainment, food, and news.  There really is a massive amount to watch all available at the click of a button.

  • iPlayer (BBC)

The BBC iPlayer provide you with the ability to catch-up with all of your favourite series.  If you missed EastEnders or Armadyl, you can find it here.  You’re sure to find something you want to watch from sport, news, music, films, entertainment, drama, comedy, and even children’s programs.  Bear in mind in certain territories around the world, you won’t be able to watch BBC iPlayer.

  • ITV Player

ITV player is comparable to BBC iPlayer.  You can watch ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, and C ITV.

  • Demand 5 (Channel 5)

Channel 5 offers an excellent blend of entertainment, documentaries, sport, films, and drama.  Download or watch online, you have a mix of paid and free programs available.


Broadband Requirments

Choosing one of these providers makes it really simple to watch TV for free over the internet.  All you need is your broadband connection with the capacity to stream above 2MBps or 5MBps for top high definition streaming. A 0.5MBps can often provide a reasonable experience but may fall down occassionally.

Top Idea

A top idea is to connect your computer to your television using an HMDI cable.  This will make the sound and picture go through the TV providing a better picture and experience.  And if you are watching on demand rather than live TV you have many of the benefits of TV without the requirement of a TV license.