No signups or hassles

Great channel selection

Lightweight interface perfect for mobile devices

No geographical restrictions like some major sites


Took so long to find such a good site.

Full Review

Watching Tv online from your browsers used to be a be a frustrating task. After countless attempts to find decent websites with good quality video and a large selection of channels, my search was over when I finally landed at Justin.tv. Users create and control channels to broadcast everything from the latest television episodes and movies, to players streaming the newest Xbox, Ps3, and pc games. Many of the channels are available in high definition, which creates a rich entertainment experience.

The variety of channels available to explore are constantly changing, the diversity in content is pretty amazing. With so many new gadgets able to connect the web wirelessly this site is sure to be a favourite to anyone who gives it a visit. Accessing the internet with cellphones, tablets and other mobile devices has created a very strong demand for new forms entertainment on the web. Justin.tv is a great solution to that demand, with ever changing channels and new ones streaming everyday. High priced cable and satellite packages for home viewers could soon to be a thing of the past, with sites like Justin.tv viewers have the same television shows and movies in high definition for free.

Streaming live websites to television is as simple as connecting a DVD player or VCR, most new LCD televisions include cables to connect to to any device via USB. The layout of Justin.tv is pure functionality, fast load times are very common and very simple to navigate and explore new channels. No sign-ups, or tricks or filling out of surveys to enjoy live streaming channels, the most difficult part is choosing which channel to start watching. Unlike some major sites that claim easy access HDTV online there are no geographical restrictions, if you have access to the web you can enjoy Justin.tv. It's not uncommon for over 2000 channels to be live at any given time. How many channels does your current paid cable package offer? Visitors can also create a channel and begin broadcasting to friends and family in three easy steps.

Whatever peaks your interest Justin.tv has something for you, follow along as players try out newest games and give live commentary, or watch a live broadcast of a radio show, there are even streams of pets doing what they do best, being cute and playing around. The future of Television is here and streaming live right now on the web.

In Closing

Take a look at Justin.tv today, tomorrow you may be broadcasting a channel.