UFC 111 is taking place on March 27, 2010, and many avid fans are wondering how they can watch it online for free. Whether you can't find the time to watch UFC 111 live, or maybe you're having trouble shelling out the cash; I'm going to let you know how to watch UFC 111 online for free either live or anytime after the event is aired, and give you multiple methods to choose from.

Watch UFC 111 Online for Free via LIVE STREAM

This much anticipated card will be taking place on March 27, 2010 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. It will be available live on Pay-per-view for around $50 depending on your service provider at 10:00 pm (eastern time).

If you are low on cash, have a decent running computer, and don't mind a slightly lower quality version of the event, you could watch UFC 111 online for free via live stream. There are plenty of websites out there that offer a live stream for you to watch UFC 111 for free. You may need to download some applications in order to be able to do this, but for the quality and lack of price, it's worth it. Try doing a quick search for one in the days leading up to the event. You should come up with dozens of results to choose from. Try to find one that doesn't require you to download any software, unless you are willing to risk infecting your computer with a harmful virus.

Watch UFC 111 Online for Free ANYTIME

So maybe you couldn't watch UFC 111 when it aired live? That shouldn't be a problem, with the internet you have many ways to watch UFC 111 online for free anytime you want. There's a lot of websites out there that have YouTube type videos of each individual fight within days of the event. Much like the live stream method, it's easiest to just do a search on Google and type in which fight you want, followed by the word "video".

As an example, if you wanted to see Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin, you would type in "Frank Mir vs Shane Carwin video". You will have plenty of websites to choose from and even though the quality is nothing to brag about, it's still free, quick, and simple to do.

The best way to get the most results is to do your search within days of the event. Sometimes websites will post these videos without permission and Zuffa will have them take them down. If you want to make sure you can watch UFC 111 online for free, do it as soon as you can.

Watch UFC 111 for Free at the BAR

Most popular bar and grills (in the US anyway) such as Fricker's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Hooters, and even some local ones will buy and play the event, allowing you to watch UFC 111 basically for free. All you have to do is go there and find a seat, order some food and beer, and enjoy the fights. The biggest downside to this method is crowded bars and not being able to hear the commentary. One can't complain too much though, at least you are able to watch UFC 111 for free and have fun with your friends at the bar.

Make sure you call the bar ahead of time to make sure they are actually playing the event otherwise you might not get to watch UFC 111 when you get there and realize they aren't playing it. You'll also want to try to get there as early as you can because you can bet that you're not the only one who wants to go to the bar and watch UFC 111 for free.

Watch UFC 111 for Cheap with FRIENDS

If you decide to purchase the event at home on Pay-Per-View, try getting a group of friends to come over and split the costs. For instance, you could invite 5 friends over to watch UFC 111, and if you split the cost between all 6 of you, you would only end up paying a measly $8 or so to see the Pay-Per-View. Get yourself a nice little party going and watch UFC 111 for a much cheaper price than you normally would pay.

UFC 111 Fight Card

Here is the current fight card scheduled. Bouts are subject to change based on injuries, or fighters failing to make weight. This fight card will be updated as often as possible, but for the most up-to-date information on upcoming fight cards, be sure to check out the website I got this info from. It's called MMAWeekly.com.

Main Bouts (On Pay-Per-View):
-Georges St-Pierre (19-2; #1 Welterweight) vs. Dan Hardy (23-6; #7 Welterweight)
-Frank Mir (13-4; #3 Heavyweight) vs. Shane Carwin (11-0; #8 Heavyweight)
-Jake Ellenberger (22-5) vs. Ben Saunders (8-1-2)
-Jon Fitch (21-3; #2 Welterweight) vs. Thiago Alves (16-6; #3 Welterweight)
-Jim Miller (16-2) vs. Mark Bocek (8-2)

Preliminary Bouts (Non-Televised):
-Nate Diaz (11-5) vs. Rory Markham (16-5)
-Ricardo Almeida (11-3) vs. Matt Brown (11-7)
-Kurt Pellegrino (14-4) vs. Fabricio Camoes (10-4-1)
-Jared Hamman (11-2) vs. Rodney Wallace (9-1)
-Tomasz Drwal (17-2-1) vs. Rousimar Palhares (10-2)
-Ricardo Funch (7-1) vs. Matt Riddle (3-1)

Fight card credits: MMAweekly.com

Welterweight Champion Georges St Pierre will be taking on the newest #1 contender, Dan Hardy, one of Britain's most popular MMA fighters who packs some hard punches, a good chin, and possibly the right style of stand-up to give the Champion a much-needed challenge. This is a going to be a great fight to remember if you watch UFC 111 as it's been a while since we have seen St Pierre in the Octagon.

Another good fight that should deliver if you watch UFC 111 is the Heavyweight Interim Title bout between Frank Mir and Shane Carwin. With Brock Lesnar being out of commission with his illness for such a long time, the matchmakers decided it would be best to have an interim match between the two #1 contenders to keep an active champion in Heavyweight division mix until Brock comes back. This should be a good fight as a classic battle between striker and grappler. We'll see how Frank handles Carwin KO power, and if Carwin can handle Frank's superb grappling and ever-improving standup and cardio game.