Come June 12, you can bet there will be loads of people trying to figure out how to watch UFC 115 online for free. With pay-per-view prices so high it's no wonder. Maybe you just can't seem to find the time to watch UFC 115 the night that it airs. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to watch UFC 115 online for free, as well as at bars or with your friends for really cheap.

Watch UFC 115 Online for Free via LIVE STREAM

Sometimes the pay-per-view prices can just be too much for some of us, and it's understandable at around $50 a pop and an event coming up pretty much every month. There are ways to watch UFC 115 online for free via live streams. These are getting really popular and with every major event that springs up, more and more websites are coming out with live streams. You can watch UFC 115 online for free as it's happening by doing a quick search for live streams within about a week of the event.

Sometimes you'll stumble across a few that need you to download some extra software. These are ones you should try to avoid if possible. You should try to watch UFC 115 online without having to worry about getting any viruses on your computer. There are plenty of different places to choose from, so try to find one that your computer is already capable of uploading if you can to save you time and potential damage to your PC.

Watch UFC 115 Online for Free ANYTIME

Not all of us can find the time to watch UFC the night that it airs. Additionally, a lot of us like to see the fights over and over again. If you fall into one of these categories you could always opt to watch UFC 115 online for free by searching for videos of individual fights. There are a lot of websites that have videos similar to YouTube's for all the latest fights.

Your best bet is to get on Google, and search up whatever fight you're wanting to see, followed by the word "video". Let's say you had a date with your girl and couldn't watch UFC 115, and you really wanted to see the Tyson Griffin fight. All you would need to do is get on a search engine and look up "Tyson Griffin vs Evan Dunham video", and you should get dozens of results to pick through.

Watch UFC 115 for Free at the BAR

One of the most popular ways to watch UFC 115 for free, especially for those who are not internet-saavy, is to go to a major sports bar in your area. Most of the big name sports bars, in the US anyway, will play all the latest MMA fights from several organizations. All you have to do is show up, grab a seat, get yourself some food or beer, and watch UFC 115 for free basically.

Make sure you call ahead of time to make sure they are actually going to be playing the event. Sometimes you get there and realize that there are other major sporting events taking up all of the TVs. You'll also want to get there pretty early, because this method is extremely popular, you are surely not the only one who wants to go to the bar to watch UFC 115 for free.

Watch UFC 115 for Cheap with FRIENDS

If none of the other option appeal to you, or you would just rather stay home and watch UFC 115 on your nice big screen TV, try getting a little party going. If you get a bunch of friends to come over and enjoy the fights with you, you could have each of them pitch in to help pay for the event. If you had 5 friends over and you all split the cost of an average $55 PPV, you each would only have to pay about $9 each and you could watch UFC 115 for cheap in the comfort of your own home.

UFC115 Fight Card

Here is the current rumored card for this event. Please note that fights are never set in stone completely as other factors can affect the match-ups, such as injuries, drop-outs, illnesses, and missed weigh-ins by either fighter. I will be trying my best to keep this card up to date, but for a more reliable source be sure to check out the website I got this information from,

JUNE 12, 2010
Venue: General Motors Palace in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

-Chuck Liddell (21-7) vs. Rich Franklin (26-5)
-Carlos Condit (24-5) vs. Rory MacDonald (10-0)
-Tyson Griffin (14-2) vs. Evan Dunham (10-0)
-Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic (26-7-2) vs. Pat Barry (5-1)
-Ben Rothwell (30-7) vs. Gilbert Yvel (36-14-1)
-Martin Kampmann (16-3) vs. Paulo Thiago (13-1)
-Mac Danzig (19-7-1) vs. Matt Wiman (11-5)
-Claude Patrick (11-1) vs. Ricardo Funch (7-1)

The big fight to look for on this card is definitely the match-up between TUF 11 coaches Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. Tito has already fallen to the hands of Chuck twice before, but the tides may soon be changing with Chuck looking to be on his way out and Tito seemingly getting more improved.

Former WEC Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit will be facing off against undefeated Rory MacDonald, and the always exciting Tyson Griffin will be squaring off against the undefeated Evan Dunham. Both fights have potential for Fight of the Nights.