How to Ween Yourself Off An Info Barrel Forum Addiction

How to wean yourself off an InfoBarrel forum addiction is a question that most members who venture into the forum pages here at InfoBarrel will eventually have to ask themselves.

Many have come before us and they all return. For some reason there is a mechanical subconscious gravitational pull that attracts computer mice. And don't think you're immune just because you use a roller ball. They are just as prone to automatically return to the InfoBarrel forum.

Hard core members of TTKTIBFA, ( which stands for "Trying To Kick The InfoBarrel Forum Addiction") will all tell you it is just about futile.

There are however a few things you can do to limit how many hours a day you spend absorbing data and processing the abundance of information that the IB forum will smash into the spongy membrane that is the human mind.

First of all, you could refrain from turning on your computer. This is probably the only sure way that you will win this epic struggle. Then there is always the net pad and the I pad and the cell phone with web browser. I've even heard of people who use their BlackBerrys to stay in touch with the forum on trips and from work.

This is also a sure sign that you are addicted. When it seems that no matter how hard you try to abstain and how fast you run away, the draw of the friendly and evil bordering informational InfoBarrel forum will suck you back in.

So now we must abstain from all electronic devices, as well as any friends computer. Workings out too, because they may have access to the Internet and surely you would have to check your favorite thread just quick while your there.

I've actually thought of starting a support group for the people effected by TTKTIBFA. The problem came down to the place we would most logically meet would be the InfoBarrel forum, so I quickly dismissed that idea.

Many hours have gone into the thoughts I've had on this subject and the best advice I can give from all the thinking I've done, is for you to go to InfoBarrel and search for an article about forum addiction. Oh wait a minute that's probably how you got here.

OK so forgetting that last thought, where does this leave us? It leaves us knowing that once a member has ventured into the informational abyss of an InfoBarrel forum, the damage is done. getting them to quit the forum from that point will definitely at a minimum take a serious intervention.

Make sure you leave a comment here and at least that way you are typing somewhere besides the InfoBarrel forum, baby steps.

Don't give up because I have thought of one last way ow to wean yourself off an IB forum addiction. If you can read every thread on the site, then you will eventually know what they all say. Then and only then, after you've learned all there is to know, will you be totally rehabilitated.