Corduroy shorts for men probably won't introduce a new material into your wardrobe or your husband’s wardrobe. It isn’t going to be too feminine, or difficult to care for. This is a staple in men’s cargo pants and using it on a shirt is just a new way to wear this kind of rugged material. It’s quite warm for winter, but it’s still comfortable. It can be casual, depending on the rest of the outfit. You can also dress it up, although I probably would never try to wear a tie with it.

Cheap Style from Unionbay

Unionbay Men's Long Sleeve Arden Baby Wale Corduroy, Placid, Medium
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(price as of Apr 29, 2015)
The pocket details on this are slightly more modern even though it has flannel accents!

Know How to Put Together an Outfit

Every time you introduce a new material into your wardrobe it’s important to know exactly how to wear this. You might not know what matches corduroy so you go with more corduroy pants. This can be a little bit of a fashion mistake. It’s just too much of the same material, even if it’s in different colors. Instead pair it with a nice khaki or a dark wash jean.

The Cowboy Look

Casual Corduroy Shirts
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The distressed look and brown buttons to me scream cowboy. It works well with boots and a slimmer fit.

Go Country

This can have a very Western detail to it, especially if it uses small pearl snaps. However, you may be afraid of looking like you walked out of a Wrangler catalog. Instead, look for distressed jeans to wear this with. You don’t have to wear boots as any kind of brown leather shoe will really match this. It’s also the color that gives it more of a Western feel, including deep reds and navy or a neutral brown.

How to Wear This With Jeans

Lightweight Jacket Combos
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The color of this also skews country but the finer cord makes it more modern. It would also look great in red or even purple!

Even True Religion Has a Version

True Religion Shirt ROCKY CORDUROY L/S WESTERN, Color: Anthracite, Size: XXL
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(price as of Apr 29, 2015)
If designer labels are for you then get a western cut that you can wear in the city!

Find Military Details

Military details can include small patches on the shoulder. This is more of a natural way to wear this fabric. You’re going to want a more fitted shirt in this case and a more neutral color as well. Both pale blues, as well as a classic army green will work well here.

Know Who to Buy This For

Corduroy is kind of an ageless fabric. It just depends on the fit and the color. Pink and purple shirts are perfectly acceptable for men now but you don’t want to go there if you’re buying this for your husband. If he always wears a lot of flannel he will probably be just as comfortable in corduroy.

If this has a zipper then there will be a lot more options for it in your wardrobe although it will most likely be used as a jacket. Otherwise it reminds me too much of the 1990’s. This type of shirt is all about fit. You can even get a slim fit design or wear a heavier cord that will be more comfortable. I like to stay away from blue here unless it is a darker navy blue. This gives the option of having it worn with either khaki pants or blue jeans. Since I live in Utah I’ve even seen these worn with ties before but it probably wouldn’t pass in most other states. A dressier fabric uses a thinner style cord and may even have one of your favorite designer names on it. If you aren’t in Utah, then this is probably just a casual look and you shouldn’t wear it to most jobs. However, it is a good option for a date night or anytime you want to replace a t-shirt.

Long Sleeves and a Sherpa Lining for Winter

Prana Men's Gomez Long Sleeve Corduroy Shirt, Khaki, Large
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(price as of Apr 29, 2015)
Long sleeves seem to be the more popular option unless you are a cowboy!