Wearing contact lenses can free you from the hassles of wearing glasses. With daily wear contact lenses, you put them in your eyes in the morning and can easily forget you are wearing them until you take them out at night. Following some simple steps for caring for and wearing your contacts will help ensure that they are comfortable to wear and do not harm your eyes.

Things You Will Need

Contact lens disinfectant
Contact lens solution

Step 1

Wear prescription contact lenses that have been prescribed to you by an ophthalmologist only. These contacts have been made to fit your eyes specifically. Wearing costume contacts lenses without a prescription found online can cause serious damage to your eyes including permanent blindness reports the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Step 2

Read the instructions that come with your contact lenses and follow those for the most comfortable wear. Different brands of contacts may have different instructions for cleaning, how long you can wear them, and other care information.

Step 3

Wash your hands before putting your contact lenses into your eyes. This will reduce the chance of putting dirt and other debris into your eye when you place the contact lens.

Step 4

Check that your contact is right side out before putting it into your eye. A contact lens that has flipped inside out will not feel comfortable on your eye. To check, place the contact on top of a fold on the palm of your hand. Then gently close your palm slightly to fold the contact. If your contact is right side out, it will form a nice round "U" or cup shape and willingly fold. If your contact is inside out, it will resist folding and not form a rounded "U" shape.

Step 5

Rinse the contact with contact lens saline before placing it your eye. Then put the contact on the tip of your forefinger and gently place the contact in your eye over your pupil. You do not need to actually touch your eye to put the contact in, once the contact is close enough, it will attach itself.

Step 6

Put makeup on after putting in your contacts. If you put your contacts in with makeup on, you are likely to get makeup into your eye.

Step 7

Remove your contacts before falling asleep at night. Wearing contacts while sleeping can dry out your eye and cause irritation. Remove the daily wear contact lens by gently placing your forefinger (after washing your hands) on the edge of the contact and dragging it out of your eye.

Step 8

Clean your contacts daily with a contact lenses disinfectant by following the instructions on the product label. Different types of disinfects are available and are used slightly differently. By cleaning daily you will remove the dirt and debris that attaches to your contacts every day, the contacts will be more comfortable to wear, and you will greatly reduce the risk of getting an eye infection from build up debris and bacteria on your contacts.

The key to wearing contact lenses is cleanliness. Daily disinfection, even of disposable contacts will keep the contacts comfortable and help prevent infections in your eye.

Tips & Warnings

Always put the correct contact into each eye as the contact is made to fit that eye. You will have a contact fitted for your right eye and for your left eye