Oxford Shoes

A Little History

Oxford shoes for women are always popular. They are a standard comfortable shoe that does not go out of style. This style of shoe can be found in most stores.

This shoe is a lace-up shoe with eyelet openings that are stitched beneath the vamp. They were first made in Ireland and Scotland many years ago. These easy to wear style of shoe are called Balmorals or Richelieus in other countries. Originally, they were made from leather. However, today vinyl, suede, fabric and other materials are used. Most are made in one basic color. But they are also available in multi-color styles. Occasionally, extra stitching designs are popular on oxford shoes that offer a new fashion statement.

During the late 1950s and through the 1960s, these shoes were highly popular in black and white. Girls, teenagers and women wore them everywhere. They decided how to wear oxford shoes, was with poodle skirts! The flat comfortable shoes were perfect for dancing and all other activities. The shoes were worn with saggy white socks for a unique and fun look. Also known as saddle shoes, they had a basic white structure with a black saddle design across the top.

How To Weare Oxford Shoes Today

Today, there are also some variations of the basic oxford design. Sometimes designers add on extra elements of black leather. Other designers are manufacturing these shoes with high heels, rather than flat soles. You will also find with cut outs to show the toes.

Oxfords always look good on women who are wearing slacks and jeans in a casual setting. For work, a one tone shoe in a basic black or brown that blends with the rest of the professional wardrobe looks great. Heeled oxford shoes with peep toes might be better for dates and social activities.

These particular shoes for women can have a masculine appearance. Therefore, many women make sure to wear feminine shirts or jewelry to help the outfit be more girly. Other women use a different approach to how to wear oxford shoes, by embracing the masculinity of the style. They wear menswear type white shirts, vests, slacks and ties for a unique fashion statement.

They can also be popular for costume parties anytime of the year, including Halloween. Many women and girls choose the basic black and white style oxford to wear with a poodle skirt, bobby socks and a fluffy cardigan sweater for costume parties.

Women's Oxford Shoes

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