If the idea of trying on plus size swimwear for the upcoming season has you digging out your old one and putting on a cover up instead, then you should read this!

Bathing suits have come a long way, especially in the plus size side of things.  Designers have got better at designing quality suits with fast drying fabrics that fit our bodies better than ever.

You have a lot of choice on the market now.  Since more than 65% of North American women are considered in the plus size region (size 14 and up) then it only made sense that they would finally make an effort to offer something sexier for the “curvy girl” rather than that one rack in the back of the store with a baggy old one piece!Plus Size SwimwearCredit: morguefile.com

You don’t have to stick to that black beat up one piece you got many years ago from that plus size rack at the back of the store.  So, many retail stores are getting on board with these larger size ranges that you can now shop in many stores instead of just one including online.  Online is a great place to start because there is such a variety!

Sexy Plus Size Swimwear

You do not need to cover yourself from head to toe or hide on the sidelines at that next pool party because you just want to stay in your cover-up!  With all the different trendy and chic styles on the market now, you are sure to find one that will work for you.

You can get beautiful bathing suits that once they fit all the right curves you will look sexy and feel sexy and this has you carrying yourself better and then you even look slimmer!

You can choose from simple one pieces to swim dresses, to tankini style, it all depends on what parts you want to minimize and what parts you want show off!

Colour Blocking One Piece

If you like the idea of a one piece bathing suit, but maybe you carry a bit of weight in your belly or waist, you can look slimmer by trying a colour blocked suit such as this one pictured from Amazon.

It has the vertical striping of colour at the sides which make your waist look slimmer, longer and leaner.  It also has a tummy control panel to slim your belly and is easy to wear.  Just make sure and get the size best for you so that there is no tugging of the fabric, which will make you look bigger than you are.

Try and stay away from bold large patterns, such as big flowers and horizontal stripes and opt more for vertical stripes or blocks of vertical colour such as this one for a great effect.

Plus Size Swim Dress - Still Looks Sexy!

If you prefer something that will hide the tops of your thighs, then you can opt for a swim dress. This beautiful suit dries fast, has support for your bust and a tummy control panel and then simply glides over your thighs and hangs just nicely, showing off the rest of your legs.    It has an attached panty for total comfort.  If you have been self-conscious of your thighs or tops of your legs or even your hips, then this style will work for you and still looks chic and sexy!

It can double as a summer outfit too, or for simply hanging around at the beach.  The fabric flows nicely from your bust without bunching or flaring out, and is really comfortable.

Inches Off Plus Size Swimsuit, 2-Piece Skirtini
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(price as of Jan 1, 2014)

Plus Size 2 Piece Skirtini - Really Chic!

This not only makes a great swimsuit but you can use this as a summer outfit too!  The bust has support so you feel comfortable and with a V neck top it elongates you to make you look taller and slimmer.  It simply glides over your belly and meets up with the really chic bottoms or skirtini.

These are simply swim shorts with an attached skirt that hides your hips and tops of thighs but still look sexy and because it is a 2 piece it is easy to move and get around.  You can hide the area you are not thrilled with (let’s face it, who is really thrilled with everything on their body?) and yet show off the rest.

It does not flare out but simply glides over your body.

Cheap Plus Size Swimwear

It used to be that you purchased one bathing suit and wore it for years as they were so expensive, but with these more modern fabrics you can get a few of these to have in your wardrobe.

No more waiting to go swimming because you suit is still hanging on the line, you can get a few different styles.

Once you find one that works for you and your body shape, then you can get different colours.  Many are under 50 dollars online at sites such as Amazon.  Perfect for if you are heading to the sunny beaches for your holidays or on that cruise!

Finding Sexy plus Size Swimwear for Women is not hard

Find a style you like that you think will work with your body type, and make sure to get the right size.  Don’t get all hung up on the size tags.  So many manufacturers have sizing that is different.  So what if you need to go up a size or two?  If it fits right, makes you feel good, hugs all the right curves and glides over the others, then you will feel great, walk proud, not hide under a big cover-up and you will look slimmer. 

Plus Size Swimwear

So, throw out that old thing you got way back when and treat yourself to something new.  The fabrics are better, they are more comfortable, have better tummy control panels that don’t itch or chafe and the bust areas have built in support and control that are better than suits from a few years ago.

Don’t forget to add accessories!  Now that you have this great looking plus size swimwear you will need a sun hat, sunglasses, sandals, and don’t forget the sunscreen and get in that pool this year.  Also check out plus size maternity swimwear to look your best while pregnant.