You can wear plus size sexy tops no matter what the size tag, if you get one that hugs all the right curves and glides over the rest.

The trick is to pick a style that best suits your body shape.  With the empire waist in the fashion trends right now for all sizes of women, you can wear this style and not only look slimmer but sexy too!

When you first look at the empire waist style while the top is on a hanger, it almost looks like a maternity top, and you may wonder “what will this do for me”?  But the difference is in the cut.

The waist line is slightly cinched in just below the bust line and then it gently “flows” the fabric for the rest of the top without being too baggy. 

Plus Size Slimming Low Cut V-Neck Top Brown Animal Print - 3X
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As you can see in the picture the waist line is just under the bust and the fabric flows without being too baggy.

This is the perfect style if you want to hide a thicker waistline, a bit of a belly and accent your bust.  When you see yourself in the mirror, your eye will start at the top and as long as the top is not pulling or tugging anywhere you will not notice that thicker waist or any other bulges and you will create the line or flow that you are looking for. 

I was very wary of this style until I tried it on, as on the hanger it looked just like any other baggy top but they fit very nicely.

Plus Size Fashion

Designers are really spending more time on creating and designing well-fitting plus size fashions that accent all the right curves.  Your choices for plus size tops are huge now.  No longer are you restricted to that basic, shapeless baggy shirt that really did nothing for you.  Great for cleaning out the basement but not for a night out.

The online sites are exploding now with plus size fashions as many retailers finally realized that there are more plus size girls (size 14 and up) than there are size 2s!!  So, if they want their market share then they need to offer the right sizes but also the right styles, colours, fabrics and shapes!  I used to find that what would be offered was simply the size 2 version just made bigger and that doesn’t work.

eVogues Plus Size Long Tank Top Black - One Size Plus
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By wearing your tops longer you create flow and it will glide over your hips without accenting them.

How to Wear a Sexy Plus Size Top if you are Heavier in the Hips

If you carry more of your weight in your hips and thighs, then the best top to wear is one that doesn’t stop right at your waistline.  In other words you should go for something longer, like a tunic style. 

If you get a shorter top it will end right at your waist or hips and actually draw attention to them, whereas if you get a longer top it will glide over your hips and draw the eye away.

The trick I learned a long time ago, was to create a flow or a good line with your clothes.  If you wear anything too tight, too short or something that accents parts you are not happy with then the eye will literally stop at that bit and you will not have flow.

This is where it is good to bring a good friend with you, or invite one over if you are shopping online. 

eVogues Plus Size Layered Poncho Top with Glitter Detail Teal - 2X
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This style of sleeve is perfect if you want to hide a heavier arm.

Wear a Cap or a Loose Sleeve or Sleeveless with Larger Arms

If you feel that you have larger arms, then stay away from tight sleeves.  Nothing draws attention more to sleeves that are too tight.  That flow is not created.  You want the eye to simply start at the top and head to your feet, you don’t want it stopping at cinched in areas where it is obviously too tight.

You can get gorgeous tops with a cap sleeve that simply sits on the shoulder or you can go sleeveless.

Purchase a Good Uplifting Bra

This alone can make you look much slimmer.  If you can’t remember when you last purchased a new bra, then it is time to get fitted with one that gives you some lift and would work well with many of the low cut styles, or the empire waist style.

By getting good fitting lingerie you will stand taller.  It is amazing just how much better you will feel with a good fitting bra and lingerie.  Clothes will fit better too.

When shopping for sexy tops, start with the basics first.  If your lingerie fits well then so will your tops.

eVogues Plus size Sheer Floral Lace Top Black - 1X
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This hemline on this top is perfect for disguising heavier thighs.

Handkerchief Hem Style Perfect for Larger Thighs

If you carry some weight in your thighs and you don’t want to accent them, then try a hemline that is not straight across such as the one pictured.  These are really fashionable right now for all sizes, and are a great way to draw the eye away from your thighs. 

They are usually a longer tunic style, and simply fit nicely enough to look sexy and yet hide certain areas!

eVogues Plus size Deep V-neck Asymmetric Slimming Top MidNight Black - 1X
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This is a very slimming and sexy top that will show off your best bits!

Plunging Neckline

If you get yourself new lingerie then you can try some of these plunging neckline styles for a sexy look that will elongate your body and really accent your bust.  With a V-neck or low cut neckline, your neck will look longer and will create great flow. 

Just make sure and get one that is the right size for you.  Measure your bust and make sure the fabric is not pulling or too loose. 

Shopping Online for Sexy Plus Size Tops

One of the reasons I personally love to shop online is because the tops look their best in pictures compared to a store where they are jammed on hangers. 

Sexy Plus Size Tops

You can imagine yourself in the piece of clothing and you don’t have to drive shop to shop.  The pictures usually sell it for me.  It is almost like having your very own personal fashion show from the comfort of your own home.

How Do You Buy Sexy Tops for Plus Size?

Get the right size for you.  Don’t try and get something too small just because of the tag number, it will make you look bigger.  When a top fits well, no matter what your size, you will look amazing and better yet, feel amazing!  Also check out plus size beach wedding dresses if you are planning a destination beach wedding.