Well, it is finally goodbye to winter and winter blues and spring is right round the corner. It is time for us to start thinking of How to Wear Your New Spring Wardrobe Right Now. There are several things that are a must have in the spring wardrobe. Let us look at a few of them:


These sandals allow you to bare your feet and are a must have in the spring wardrobe. They go extremely well with flowery flowing spring dresses and give one the chance to be able to match the sandals with the overall look of the attire that you have on. Spring is also the right time to go ahead and wear colorful flip-flops with anklets on one ankle.

The right bag:

The right bag slung over your shoulders will give you the right carefree look that is so very associated with spring. However, ensure that the bag is rightly accessorized with the other things in your outfit or else it will be a fashion faux-pa for sure.


Spring is the time to wear colorful accessories such as beads and colorful gemstones. They match perfectly with the colors that you have around you in spring. You can wear colorful hoop earrings to get the youthful look about you.

Skirts and shirts:

There can be no spring without the right skirt. The skirt can be short from anywhere above your knee. They can be made in cotton or any other material and spiced up with lace or ribbons running through it.

Floral dresses and smocks:

When you think you must certainly think of floral dresses and smocks in pastels or with floral prints. These can be flowing and make an excellent fashion statement this season. You can find the perfect spring dress in solid colors such as yellow, red, pink or any other eye catching color. You can take your inspiration from nature and the flowers blooming all around you. The dress can be worn with a belt to accentuate your slim waistline.

Halters and cotton tees:

Come spring and there is that extra bit of sun out. That is just the time to flaunt your halters and tees. The latest fashion is to team them up by using layering that means you wear your tees and then the halter on top of it. This can be in used in complimenting colors.