This is my style resolution for the year 2013. I just have to learn how to wear a maxi skirt. I always try and then end up looking like a hippie. (I live in Utah and this really isn't the look I'm going for.) I want the chic boho vibe that so many other girls seem to have mastered.

1. Find the Right Silhouette

I know that the cheapest version of these always tend to go with a lot knit fabrics but I'm willing to spend more money to get one that isn't too clingy.

I have made the mistake of finding ones with too much stretch in them. They just make me look too hippy. Instead, I need to find a version that doesn't add a lot of bulky fabric. This means that it won't have pockets. It may still have an elastic waistband. It will probably have to have slits either on the sides or be on the back so that I can actually walk.

2. How to Wear a Maxi Skirt in Winter

This is the most challenging season for any skirt. Look for a heavier wool, velvet, or tweed. If you have to have a skirt then this is the right style to go with because at least it's longer and therefore warmer.

In this season there is an easy mistake to go with equally loose tops like waterfall cardigans or faux fur vests. I've even seen this worn with sweatshirts. It’s bohemian right? On most body types it just drowns the girl and gives the maxi skirt a bad name. Try a high heel boot and a straighter silhouette.

Wear it with a denim blazer and a wider belt. Stick with dark neutral tones in olive and navy. You could also wear a chevron style with just a boatneck top. Tuck it in and belt it.

My favorite look for winter seems more like a dress. Pair it with a cowl neck in the same color or your favorite sweater. This creates a really long and beautiful line. I use this trick visually a lot because I can never find dresses that fit my hips correctly. Instead, I have to fake it with separates.

I also love this paired with a leather bomber jacket. This style looks best when it hits you directly at your waist. You will often see denim jackets that hit here. This keeps the skirt from hanging on you like a potato sack. Remember if you have a loose skirt you should go with a fitted top to keep from looking frumpy.

Hi - Lo Styles are Better for Short Women

Lightweight for Summer

Wear This in Winter

Waterfall Style in My Favorite Color

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3. The Modern Ballerina Look

This is something that I am planning on recreating myself. I want to try a really pale pink or coral version in tulle or chiffon. I like chiffon because it will flow away from my body instead of being too clingy. Long necklaces also look really good with this style. I haven’t decided what top I want to wear with this but I like the romantic feel that longer skirts give.

I see a lot of solid color tops in this style to offset the dramatic silhouette. It's a chance to wear comfortable knits. This is also an easy length to transition into if you don't usually wear dresses. It's modest. It's comfortable. (I've found it to be as comfortable as jeans. It's even more comfortable).

4. Chevron Print Maxi Skirts

This is probably the most popular print this year but it's more difficult to wear. The zig zag pattern can really accentuate hips and the length means you're wearing a lot more pattern than you would usually. Many stores are showcasing this with a plain white tee or tank and this is the smartest way to wear it. Typically this skirt has a lot of contrast in mustard and white, navy white, or blue and white. Stick with a neutral top. A belted cardigan is another trend for this look.

5. If You're Short

If you're shorter than just going with a petite style isn't going to cut it. You don't want it to seem like it's drowning you. Stick with a light color. Show off your legs with a slit or a hi-low style. Wear pattern on top to draw your eye upward like one of those trendy polka dot sweaters. The midi style will always be more figure flattering though.

How to Wear a Maxi Skirt If You're Short

6. To Work

Wearing this to work is another challenge because it is more of a casual style. It looks beautiful with cardigans and button down shirts. I also like it with a fitted blazer. Wear heels in this case instead of the typical flat and go with a darker color like navy and skip a lot of patterns.

The right fit should also be considered. You don't want it to be too dramatic. You are going to work, not prom. Wear a belt and carry a designer bag to dress it up. Some stars have even worn the blazer/maxi combination on the red carpet so it can even be appropriate for evening wear. Classic black or navy blazers seem to be the best combination.

Vintage Pleated Style

Trendy Chevron Print

7. In Summer

I know that knit is the most popular fabric but I like to see it a little bit more elegant with a chiffon look. This has more of a sophisticated or a retro vibe. Look for pleated versions in pale mint greens and corals. There are also hi-low designs. Find brighter tribal prints like ikat or a blue and white chevron if you do want a knit. It's popular to wear these with t-shirts but to me it always looks really frumpy on my body type so I need a dressier top.

This is much more versatile than I originally thought that it was. With a neutral color like navy or blue there are lots of different ways to use it once you know how to wear a maxi skirt. I usually just thought of this as a beach style but you can even wear it to work if you get the right weight and type of fabric. 2013 may be the year when I am finally able to try on one of these and look good in it.