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Who doesn’t want a beautiful dazzling white smile?  We all admire the glamorous television and movie stars with teeth as pure as glistening snow.  We suspect they spend thousands going to the dentist to have crowns and teeth bonding and caps and even dental veneers.  Those of us that don’t want to spend our lives in the dental chair and incur dental debts for years to come wonder how to whiten teeth naturally.

Products and side effects          

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There are many products that claim they know how to whiten teeth naturally, but their claim to “naturally” makes one wonder.  Chlorine bleach is “natural” as it has no additives, but do we really want to put that on our teeth?  All of us recall the episode on NCIS where McGee fell asleep with the whitening agent in his mouth and was frantically drinking coffee in an effort to reduce the gleam in his smile. Bleach may be a successful whitening agent, but it is not natural and has caustic side effects.  Too much bleach will erode your tooth enamel and possibly even damage the interior of your teeth.

Manufactured products

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Crest white strips and equivalent brands use hydrogen peroxide film (coated at the manufacturer onto clear plastic strips) to be placed on your teeth for 30 minutes twice each day.  Crest claims their strips are made of “natural ingredients” and will not damage your teeth surface.  The FDA does not monitor the manufacture or distribution of teeth whitening medications so we are unsure what the strength of the whitening agents are or their proven/non proven side effects.  There is simply no literature published of this nature.

Really how to whiten teeth naturally

baking soda(59347)Credit: http://www.aindigestionremedies.com/indigestion-remedies/baking-soda-indigestion-why-is-baking-soda-a-relief-for-indigestion

To really whiten teeth naturally make a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, and brush twice a day for a week.  Your teeth will really whiten several degrees lighter than they currently are.  Other suggestions include cutting a strawberry in half and rubbing the seed side in salt, afterwards rub the strawberry and salt onto your teeth instead of brushing.  The strawberry mixture will turn your teeth slightly pink at first but they will be very white in the morning.

Vinegar is good for everything

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Several home remedy books suggest mixing white vinegar and salt for a natural whitening mixture for your teeth.  Use this mixture as a mouth wash after brushing your teeth with peroxide and baking soda. Glycerin and baking soda can be mixed into a paste to brush your teeth and they will also produce whiter results.


To know how to whiten your teeth naturally you will need to try many of the aforementioned recipes.  There will be one that will appeal more to you than others, give that one a try first.  Consistency is a key ingredient to teeth whitening; applying a product once every six months will not give you the desired results.  Use one of the natural formulas and brush your teeth four times every day for a week.  You will have a beautiful smile without harsh chemical treatments.