If you want to know how to whiten teeth, Rembrandt may be the solution you are looking for. This teeth whitening system is one of the better systems available today. Many people are looking for this system and the reason is its effectiveness. There are lots of people already satisfied with getting the more shiny smiles because of this method.

As the Rembrandt system has a lot of types it is good to make sure what we are talking about here. We are not talking about the Oral-B toothpaste, neither are we talking about the strips you can wear while sleeping. We are only talking about the professional teeth whitening system here.

This system uses a solution which contains hydrogen peroxide (which is directly the answer to the question does hydrogen peroxide whiten teeth). Where most of the people think bleaching is actually bad for your teeth, because it could leave it sensitive and vulnerable to cavities the Rembrandt system actually strengthens your teeth enamel and makes it harder.

How to Whiten Teeth Rembrandt

The dentist applies the Rembrandt system in a procedure which could take up to two hours. In comparison to the way to whiten teeth at home cheap this is pretty fast! It is still not as fast as the laser therapy, so the system is not the best way to whiten teeth fast, but it is coming really close! The thing which is responsible for the fast treatment is the bleaching light which is used by the Rembrandt system. The light produces a wavelength which activates the bleaching product, but doesn't heat up your teeth. The heating up of teeth is something people are afraid of as it could hurt. But not in the case of the Rembrandt system!

When you are bleaching your teeth the usual way, there is also a chance you get the bleach on your gum. This will result in bleached gums and will give a strange look to it. This is a reason why people are scared of bleaching as well! But with the Rembrandt method the bleaching product comes in gel form, this makes it more easy to put it on the teeth and make it stay there.

The last concern of many is the price. As it is a cosmetic treatment, there are not many insurance companies who cover teeth whitening. Luckily the Rembrandt system is not a very expensive system to use. The only big investment is the bleaching light, which could cause up to four thousand dollars. Maybe your dentist has a program where you can lend the bleaching light, otherwise you should get your own or find a creative way to obtain one!

Compared to other systems the Rembrandt system is a great way to bleach your teeth. Of course, there are some discomforts as always and it is not foolproof. But one of the reasons you know it is good is you can only get the system from your dentist. He is the specialist, he knows what is good for you (and for your teeth especially).

To conclude, the Rembrandt system is a pretty solid way to whiten your teeth. Hopefully you gained some understanding in how to whiten teeth, Rembrandt style!