Every so often it is necessary to whiten tile grout. Tile is usually place in high traffic and wear areas such as foyers, bathrooms and kitchens. Even sealed grout becomes dingy looking and needs to be whiten from time to time. There are many different methods for whitening and cleaning tile grout. However, many of them require less time and effort, and some methods are simply less harsh than others. This could be very important if children and pets are involved.

Tile Grout

Whitening tile grout with a coke:

Coca-cola has many uses that go far beyond a refreshing beverage. It actually has some unique cleaning properties. It has actually even been used to clean the corrosion from battery cables on a automobile. Whitening and cleaning tile grout with coke is another great example. The acid content along with the carbonation makes great cleaner for tile grout.

Simply pour a full strength coke directly on the grout. Use regular coke, not diet varieties. Use the actual coca-cola brand, as other brands have different formulas that might not provide the same results. Allow the coke to saturate the tile grout for about 15 to 20 minutes. After the soaking, rinse the coca-cola clean from the surface and notice the dramatic results. The results will include much whiter tile grout that sparkles with little effort.

Whitening tile grout with peroxide:

For porous grout, it might require something a bit more bubbling to get down to the surface to whiten tile grout. An excellent item, commonly found around the house for whitening tile grout is hydrogen peroxide. It should be the 3% variety, which is commonly sold in the first aid supplies of most any store. Simply find a narrow ended bottle. One that is perfect for the job of cleaning grout, is those hair dye bottles found at beauty supply stores. These are not expensive and are easy to maneuver between the tiles. Fill the bottle with the peroxide and squeeze a stream between the tiles. Allow it to work it's magic on the grout. This works very well on very old grout that has not be whitened for a long time. This method of whitening grout will work like magic before the eyes–very little effort at that! After about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how dirty the tile grout is, rinse the grout off and allow to dry. This process can be repeated if necessary, however it should work the first go around unless rinsed off too soon.

* Great tip:

To clean and whiten tile grout at the same time, use a bleach pen. This will eliminate mold and mildew and whiten at the same time. However, it requires more much more work!

It's that simple to whiten tile grout, of course, the elbow greased method can be used of making a baking soda paste and scrubbing it with a tooth or grout brush. However, many of use prefer to take the lazy and the pain-free approach. So, wether using the whitening tile grout with coke method or whitening the tile grout with peroxide method, the results in ratio to the effort will be amazing.