Whitening your teeth can be a great boost to your appearance. Having yellow teeth can not only make you look older, but if your teeth are discolored enough, you may even hold back from smiling. While professional teeth whitening has been a option for treating less-than-white teeth for many years, at home teeth whitening kits have become available more recently. An at home teeth whitening kit like Crest Whitestrips has now made white teeth an obtainable goal for a very affordable cost.

First, check your local circulars for sales and coupons on Crest Whitening kits. You can expect to pay a retail price of $25-$40 depending on the level of kit you buy, but you can often find a local sale for less. Additionally, there is a coupon in the P&G circular each month that can be obtained from your local newspaper or you can check the Crest website for a printable online coupon. No reason to break the bank trying to whiten your teeth.

smileThere are currently different levels of kits available from Crest. The classic kit has a less powerful percentage of whitener and may be better if you desire just a slight amount of whitening or if you have sensitive teeth. For more whitening power, try the premium Crest Whitestrips kit. It will cost a little more but you will get more dramatic results.

Once you have purchased your kit, you are ready to begin. It is recommended that you apply the strips to your teeth twice a day - morning and evening is good. But if this is not reasonable for your schedule you can apply the strips just once a day but for more days overall. Using the strips at night while you are home reading or watching TV is usually the best time for most people.

You will have one strip for your upper teeth and one strip for your lower teeth (they are labeled as such). Prior to applying the strips you may want to gently brush off your teeth with water, but do not brush with toothpaste as this is not recommended. Open the strip back carefully and look for the edge of the strip (the oval inside the rectangular strip). Peel the strip away from the backing touching just the edges to avoid getting the whitening gel all over your fingers rather than your teeth.

Apply the gel side of the whitestrip to the front of your upper teeth by lining up one edge with your gum line. Gentle press the strip against your teeth evenly and fold the rest of the strip onto the back of your teeth. Repeat this process for your lower teeth. Wash any gel off your hands quickly as it will slightly bleach your fingers and anything you touch.

Leave the whitestrips on your teeth for 30 minutes. Remove the strips and throw out. If there is any residual gel on your teeth, brush it off gently with your toothbrush. Apply the strips each day until you have completed the kit. You should be able to see some effect after just a few days and your teeth should be noticeably whiter after the full 10 days.